Brake Maintenance and Repair in Riverton, Utah

It’s no secret that your vehicle’s brakes are a key safety feature that requires regular attention. Timely brake inspections ensure that any potential problems are identified and addressed before your brakes fail entirely.

When your brakes display signs of trouble like soft or grinding pedals, squealing, or vibration, it’s the right moment to allow our team at Master AutoTech to conduct a thorough brake system inspection. We have the expertise to diagnose issues, repair or replace any damaged components, and restore your vehicle’s brake system to excellent condition.

Keep Your Vehicle Driving Safely!

The expert mechanics at Master AutoTech can keep your brakes in tip-top shape, ensuring your safety for miles and miles.

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How To Check Your Brakes Regularly

Maintaining the safety of your car demands the frequent checking of your brakes either by yourself or by an auto repair expert. These three methods will help you stay informed about your brakes’ status:

Check Visually

Inspect your brake pads through the gap between the spokes of your wheels. If the brake pad thickness is less than ¼ inch, it signals a need for replacement.

Listen Carefully

Various sounds from your brakes while driving may indicate their deterioration. These include high-pitched screeching, grinding, or growling. These auditory signals often demand immediate professional attention to prevent serious damage.

Feel and Observe

Take note of any unusual feelings when you press the brake. Vibrations in the brake pedal, leaks in the brake fluid, or uneven wearing of brake linings can all indicate issues that need to be addressed.

For any queries about whether it’s time to replace your brake pads or rotors, our Master AutoTech locations offer a complimentary brake evaluation. Our skilled auto technicians excel at handling Utah’s diverse climate conditions, where all four seasons can be experienced in a single day.

Understanding Brake Repair from Master AutoTech

Whether your brakes are worn and squealing or just need a tune-up, we can get them back on track. Our service focuses on essential components, including:

Brake System

This multi-layered hydraulic system halts your car when you push the brake pedal.

Brake Fluid

The fluid expands through the brake system when you press the pedal, initiating a series of actions that stop the wheels.

Role of Brake Pads & Rotors

These components work together to halt your wheels.

Master Cylinder

This crucial part of your brake system can sometimes require replacement due to damage or malfunction.

What We Provide

Whenever you’re unsure about the state of your brake pads or rotors, we offer a free brake check at any Master AutoTech location. We can address any problem, whether it requires repair or replacement.

We stress the importance of regular inspections for vehicle safety, particularly considering Utah’s extreme weather conditions. Allow our team of brake repair experts to serve you.

Brake Inspections

We’ll examine your brake system, identify any issues, and conduct a tune-up if necessary.

Brake Pad Replacement

We replace worn-out brake pads and brake shoes in older cars.

Rotor Repair & Replacement

We can either replace rotors or refurbish existing ones to restore their function.

Brake Fluid Check

We rectify any leaks and refill your brake fluid to the correct level.

Master Cylinder Repair & Replacement

We can replace damaged master cylinders or install new ones to keep your vehicle safe.

Why Master AutoTech is Your Top Choice

Skilled Service

Our skilled technicians have the training and experience to ensure your vehicle passes emissions testing and handle any necessary repairs.

High-Quality Parts and Materials

We use only top-quality parts and materials in our service.

Advanced Equipment

Our South Salt Lake service bays are well-equipped to efficiently service your car.

Customer Satisfaction

Our hallmark at Master AutoTech is a roster of happy customers.

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