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Where will you drive this summer? Are you off to the Dakotas to finally check out Mount Rushmore? Will you cruise the coast of California, soaking in that summer sun with your top-down and enjoying the Pacific breeze? Or will you find yourself further north, scoping out that gigantic heaven-reaching and majestic Redwoods, finishing up near the Tillamook factory in Oregon?

All sound like postcard-worthy destinations, but is your vehicle ready for the long road trip? Have you broken the winter solace and scheduled a tune-up with your local mechanic? Are those brakes ready to go, accompanied by a proper tire alignment and an oil change? If not, it may be time to get your vehicle ready to hit the road with the help of the mechanics at Master Muffler.

Now’s a Great Time for Routine Maintenance

Regular, routine maintenance is necessary for a safe traveling experience. During this time that we’re all stuck at home, the chance is we’re also driving our vehicles less. If your trusty vehicle has been sitting stagnant during your stay in place or work-from-home venture, it’s a good idea to schedule a tune-up—especially before you hit the hot pavement months of summer. Some of the items to consider in your tune-up are:

  • a standard oil change (out with the old and in with the new)
  • tire balance and rotation
  • tire alignment
  • and a brake check

Remember that in order for your car to get the best gas mileage, everything needs to be working together. The oil affects how efficiently your car runs, which ultimately affects the gas mileage. Your alignment is affected by the position and wear and tear on your tires. Again, these two go together and impact how well your car drives on the road, how long your tires last, the gas mileage, and ultimately, the safety of your passengers. The brakes are pretty obvious with their function. When all of these elements are checked each year or on a regular basis, this can simply offer you peace of mind, knowing that everything is working properly and has a good tune-up.

Don’t Wait to Tune Up Your Car Till You’re on the Road

Remember you want to avoid that check engine light coming on in your car. You want to avoid waiting for AAA on the side of an unfamiliar road, hundreds of miles away from home. The safest and best policy is a proactive approach, preparation at its best, and always being ahead of the mark. Again, these regular tune-ups accomplish that. Now, this doesn’t mean there will never be a vehicle emergency; however, you can rest, assured that you have done everything in your power to take proper care of your vehicle and promote the longevity of your car.

Let Master Muffler Help You Get Road-Trip Ready

Why stress yourself over these items? Let the Master Muffler team take this burden off your hands and help you prepare for those awesome family memories you are going to make on the road. Our team offers a plethora of services from muffler and exhaust customization to emissions, engine repair, oil changes, and tune-ups. You won’t be disappointed and they have the experience to prove it. Call any Master Muffler location to set up your annual tune-up today, to be sure that your vehicle is road-trip-ready.

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