Shocks and Struts Services in Pocatello, Idaho

Shocks, struts, and springs, oh my! All that and more is part of your vehicle’s suspension system, which is imperative for a smooth and safe ride. At Master AutoTech Pocatello, we’re a wiz with all things suspension so you can feel confident navigating the roads out there.

When it comes to suspension and alignment services in Idaho, rely on the Master AutoTech team in Pocatello.

Maintain Your Suspension!

The expert mechanics at Master AutoTech can help ensure that your vehicle is running smoothly, contributing to better performance and a more comfortable ride.

Why Is Suspension Important?

Did you know your vehicle is specifically designed to reduce friction when in motion? It’s not just about speed, either. Suspension systems absorb the small and big impacts your vehicle encounters when on the road so you don’t significantly feel every bump.

Shocks and struts help stabilize your vehicle while you’re driving and keep it from bouncing all over the place. Coiled springs attached to the struts offer additional cushion by keeping the height of the vehicle consistent. Joints, bearings, and bushings help connect rods throughout the whole system, allowing for twisting and sliding as appropriate.

All these parts and more help keep your car or truck frame gliding smoothly over the tires, which also play a part in absorbing impact.

Why Suspension Maintenance Matters

Improved Handling:

The complexities of the suspension system offer improved steering and overall vehicle handling.

Improved Experience:

If you’ve ever ridden in a vehicle with bad suspension, you probably remember bouncing, dipping, and rattling all over the place. With routine maintenance, you can have a better experience driving or riding in your car.

It Saves Money:

Tires and fuel are expensive, but a good suspension system can help you save money on filling your tank and outfitting your vehicle with tires. Reduce uneven wear on tires and increase fuel efficiency by maintaining your vehicle.

It’s a Safety Feature:

Suspension affects steering, comfort, and the alignment of your vehicle. Don’t compromise your safety by ignoring a problem.

Common Suspension Problems

What are the signs of suspension problems? They’re usually something you feel rather than something you see. If your shocks are worn, a spring is broken, or a rod is cracked, you’ll know the next time you hit the road thanks to these signs:

  • Prolonged bouncing after hitting a bump
  • Front end dipping when braking
  • Pulling to one side when driving
  • Rattling, clunking, or squeaking sounds
  • Uneven tire wear
  • Vibration while driving

How do you avoid damaging your suspension system? Avoid rough roads, potholes, speed bumps, and curbing. If you have the misfortune of taking on one of these hazards, bring your vehicle into Master AutoTech Pocatello for an inspection.

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Why Choose Master AutoTech

Knowledgeable Team

We have the experience and training you need when questioning what’s wrong with your vehicle.

High-Quality Auto Parts

Buying a replacement part online comes with risks; buying replacement parts at Master AutoTech doesn’t.

Modern Service Bays

Master AutoTech uses the latest in technology and equipment to administer diagnostics and repairs.

Friendly Staff

Our customer service can’t be beat.

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