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Keeping you safe on the road is your car’s number one job, and the brakes are the biggest part of that. So, regular brake check-ups are important to catch any problems before your brakes give out.

If you’ve noticed your brakes are noisy, shaky, or the pedal feels different, you should let our experts at Master AutoTech Pocatello take a look. We’ll do a full brake system check, fix any issues we find, replace any worn parts and bring your brake system back up to scratch.

Keep Your Vehicle Safe And Sound!

The expert mechanics at Master AutoTech can help ensure that your brakes are in tip-top shape, ensuring your safety for miles and miles.

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Three Steps To Checking Your Brakes

Keeping your car safe means keeping an eye on your brakes, by doing it yourself or letting a professional do it for you. Here are three tips on how to check your brakes:


Time to give your brake pads a look! Just peek through the spaces between your wheels’ spokes. You’ll spot your brake pad, right up against its metal rotor. Ensure your brake pad is at least ¼ inch thick. If it measures under ¼ inch, it’s a clear sign they need a replacement.


As you drive, keep an ear out for any noises your brakes might be making. If you hear high-pitched screeching, or the sounds of grinding or growling, these could mean trouble for your brakes. The screeching sound comes from something called an indicator; a small metal shim that’s there to give you a heads-up when your brakes need replacing. If you’re hearing grinding or growling, it probably means your brakes are completely worn out and now the discs and calipers are rubbing, which could really damage your car. Make sure you get your car seen by a professional in auto repair soon.


Keep an eye on your car’s reaction when you hit the brakes. If the pedal goes flat to the floor, you could be dealing with an air or fluid leak. If your car drifts to one side, the problem could be uneven brake lining wear or some external substance in your brake fluid. If you feel your brake pedal vibrating, you might have a case of warped rotors. This vibration will feel quite similar to when your anti-lock brakes are in use.

Feeling worried about your car’s brakes? Swing by one of our Master AutoTech locations for a complimentary brake evaluation. No matter if your vehicle uses drum or disc brakes, we can fix any issue or replace any system if needed. We know how vital it is for your brakes to be effective whether the roads are icy or super hot. Trust our brake repair experts to take care of you.

Breaking Down Brake Repair

If you’re dealing with worn-out, noisy brakes or just want a brake check-up, we’ve got you covered! We’ll dive into all the key components and get you cruising safely again before you know it:

Brake System

Your vehicle comes equipped with a complex hydraulic system that’s primed to stop your car whenever you hit the brake pedal. It masterfully employs leverage, hydraulic energy, and friction to put your vehicle’s motion to a halt.

Brake Fluid

Each time you step on the brake pedal, that force pushes brake fluid through the system. It pushes the brake pad against the brake disc on your tire to stop it.

Brake Pads & Rotors

These work in unison to keep your wheels from moving when you’re driving.

Master Cylinder

This crucial brake system part is designed to outlive your car. However, with accidental damage or system glitches, a replacement may be in order.

What We Offer

Are you unsure if your brake pads or rotors need to be replaced? Visit any of our Master AutoTech shops for a free brake check-up! No matter if your vehicle has drum or disc brakes, our team can fix any issue and if needed, we can replace any system.

Checking your brakes regularly is crucial for driving safely, especially on icy roads or hot weather. Our team of brake doctors stands ready to help you.

Brake Inspections

We’ll take a look at your brakes, determine if they’re working properly, and give them a tune-up if they aren’t.

Brake Pad Replacement

Over time, brake pads (or brake shoes on older models) get worn, making it harder for your car to stop. Come in and we’ll swap in a replacement swiftly.

Rotor Repair & Replacement

It’s the rotor that your brake pad presses against when you hit the brake pedal. They can get worn down as well, but sometimes we can resurface an existing one so it performs as good as a new one.

Brake Fluid Check

Your brake fluid can sometimes get contaminated by leaks or foreign objects. We’ll handle any pesky leaks and ensure your fluid levels are at their proper levels.

Master Cylinder Repair & Replacement

If a leak or other issue has your master cylinder on the fritz, we are equipped to fix it or put in an entirely new one. We’re all about ensuring you’re safe on the road.

Why Choose Master AutoTech?

Reliable Service

Our trained mechanics can check up on your brakes and fix them up so you can drive safely again.

Reliable Parts and Materials

At our shop, we only use the best parts and materials on your car.

Reliable and Advanced Equipment

Our Pocatello workshops have all the tools needed to give your car top-notch service.

Satisfied Customers

At Master AutoTech, satisfied customers are our specialty. Just check our reviews to see the proof.

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