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Procrastinators, listen up—Taking your vehicle in for a tune-up will prevent more problems from piling up on your plate! Through lowering your auto care and fuel costs, prolonging the life of your car, and ensuring your vehicle is performing well, a tune-up will make sure you have the money, time, and transportation to tackle anything else that needs attention on your list. 

During a tune-up, your technician will replace old spark plugs, fuel and air filters, and more. Spark plugs alone can have a significant impact on the performance of your vehicle, so regularly replacing them is a huge plus. They will also inspect the vital systems that keep you chugging along smoothly. 

You should be taking your car in for a tune-up at least once every 3 years, or 30,000 miles. To check for suggestions on your specific make and model, take a look at the owner’s manual provided by your manufacturer. 

If you are overdue, take this as an opportunity to pin down just how often you should be taking your vehicle in for a tune-up. You can even set reminders to clear your head, allowing you to sleep soundly knowing your car will be cared for. 

Pay Less At The Pump

When your fuel and air filters are dirty, your fuel economy can be reduced by 20%. Cleaning and replacing them on time will save you cash at the pump, so you can spend smarter and play harder.

Reduce the Cost of Repairs

Stalling, trouble starting your car, and loss of power are all symptoms that can be diagnosed during a tune-up. If you catch their cause early and remedy them with small repairs, you’ll have a lot more cash left over than if you waited until more serious damage took hold.

Your Vehicle Will Live Longer

Tune-ups keep your engine healthy which in turn lets your vehicle live longer. Longer life means more time to transport yourself to favorite destinations and do what is necessary to decrease your stress.

Improve Performance and Prevent Problems

The inspection done at tune-ups not only picks up on current problems but ones that could potentially happen in the future. Dry climates like that of Utah can cause detrimental damage to your engine’s belts, so tune-ups are especially important in desert states.

Trust your health and longevity of your vehicle to Utah’s top-rated auto repair experts by visiting Master Muffler Murray for a tune-up today:

“By bringing your car in for regular tune ups, you can avoid the expense and headache of major repairs. We do a thorough check of all the vital parts of the engine, inspecting for wear and tear on belts, plugs, filters, and all the other little parts that are needed to keep your car in good condition. We can replace parts if needed and notify you of any potential problems.”

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