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Your brakes are crucial when it comes to car safety, so it’s essential to make sure they’re always in good condition. This means regular check-ups are a must to spot any troubles before your brakes stop working entirely.

If your brakes are making unpleasant noises like squeaking or grinding, or if the pedal feels spongy or vibrates, it’s time to call in the professionals. Our crew at Master AutoTech Orem is ready to give your brake system a thorough look-over. We’ll find and fix any issues, swap out parts that are worn out and get your brakes running like new again.

Keep Your Vehicle Safe And Sound!

The expert mechanics at Master AutoTech can help ensure that your brakes are in tip-top shape, ensuring your safety for miles and miles.

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Three Steps To Checking Your Brakes

Regular checks on your brakes, either by you or a car repair expert, is vital to keep your car safe. Here are three methods to ensure your brakes are always in top condition:


Glance through the area between your wheel spokes. You should see your brake pad sitting next to the metal rotor. The brake pad should be no less than ¼ inch thick. If it’s thinner than that, don’t wait! Get those brake pads changed.


Pay attention to your brakes’ noises when you’re on the road. High-pitched screeching, grinding, or growling sounds are all signs of brakes that aren’t doing so well. The screeching noise is from a tiny metal piece called an indicator. It’s designed to make a sound to let you know it’s time to get new brakes. The grinding and growling sounds mean your brakes are all worn out, and the parts of your brakes are scraping against each other. This could seriously hurt your car, so it’s crucial to get it checked by a car repair expert right away.


Notice how your car behaves when you step on the brake. If the brake pedal goes all the way down, it’s likely you’ve got a leak, either air or fluid. If your car veers to one side, it could mean your brake linings are not wearing evenly, or something foreign is in your brake fluid. Feeling your brake pedal shake similar to what happens when your anti-lock brakes kick in? This could indicate you have bent rotors.

Wondering if it’s time for new brakes on your car? Pop by any of our Master AutoTech spots for a free brake check. Whether your car runs on disc brakes or drums, we’ve got you covered. Brake repair is our thing, especially here in Utah. We understand how crucial it is for your brakes to perform in icy or desert-hot conditions. Let our brake pros handle it.

Breaking Down Brake Repair

Got squeaky brakes or just need some brake maintenance? Let us take care of it! We’ll check all the essential parts and get you back on the road, driving safely in no time:

Brake System

Your car’s ability to stop relies on a detailed hydraulic system that springs into action when you step on the brake pedal. How? By using a clever mix of leverage, hydraulic power, and friction to halt your vehicle.

Brake Fluid

This fluid spreads throughout the entire brake system, triggering a piston that propels the brake pad to hit the brake disc situated on the tire. The resulting friction stops your wheels in their tracks.

Brake Pads & Rotors

These essential components come together to halt your wheels while you’re on the move.

Master Cylinder

This key part of your brake system is engineered to match your car’s lifespan, but unforeseen damage or hiccups can lead to a necessary replacement.

What We Offer

Not sure if it’s time for a brake pad or rotor replacement? Swing by any Master AutoTech location for a free brake evaluation. Whether your ride has disc or drum brakes, Master AutoTech’s expert team is equipped to tackle any issues, or swap out any setup if it’s time.

Remember, it’s super important to have your brakes checked regularly, particularly in Utah’s chilly winters and sizzling summers. Trust our skilled brake repair pros to look after all your brake needs.

Brake Inspections

We’re here to examine your brakes and figure out if they need some attention. If so, we’ll get them back to tip-top shape!

Brake Pad Replacement

Brake pads, or brake shoes for cars that are a bit older, tend to get used up. This can make your car slow down less effectively. Don’t worry, we’re here to quickly swap out the worn ones.

Rotor Repair & Replacement

When you push down on your brake pedal, it’s the rotor that the pad pushes against. These can wear out too, but we’re sometimes able to resurface your current rotor so it works like it’s fresh out of the box.

Brake Fluid Check

From time to time, leaks or other issues can mess with the brake fluid in your vehicle. We’re here to stop any leaks in their tracks and to keep your fluid at the right level.

Master Cylinder Repair & Replacement

When your master cylinder is acting up due to a leak or other issue, we’re here to mend it or install a brand new one. It’s all about keeping you safe on the road.

Why Choose Master AutoTech?

Reliable Service

Our skilled mechanics know all about brake safety. If yours have any sort of issue or concern, we’re here to get them fixed up and get you back on the road.

Reliable Parts and Materials

We don’t cut corners. We only ever use the very best parts on your car.

Reliable and Advanced Equipment

Our Orem garages are equipped with everything needed to take good care of your car.

Satisfied Customers

Check our reviews. We’re proud to say that lots of our clients leave Master AutoTech with a smile.

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