Utah Automotive Brake Repair

If your brakes have a low or spongy pedal or are squeaking, pulsating or grinding, it’s time to let Master AutoTech and Brake perform a complete brake system inspection. We can diagnose problems and concerns, repair or replace any worn components and return your vehicle’s brake system back to tip top shape.
If there is any question whether it is time to replace your brake pads or rotors, come into any one of the 16 Master AutoTech locations for a free brake assessment. Whether your vehicle has drums or disc brakes, Master AutoTech can repair any problem or, if required, replace any set up. Utah brake repair is one of our specialties. We know how important it is in our climate that your brakes work well on both icy road and hot desert conditions. Let our automotive brake repair specialists take care of you.

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The benefits of opening a Master AutoTech franchise include:

Utah Automotive Brake Repair

  • The lowest franchise fee and costs
  • Low entry fee
  • Group purchasing power for cheaper parts
  • Group Advertising, which includes:
    • Website
    • Mailers
    • TV
    • Radio

Already In Business?

We can convert your existing store front into a Master AutoTech franchise.

Training And Support

With our team of professionals, we will train you on the most up to date equipment to make sure your store is running at the highest level.

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