Before taking your vehicle to your local Utah brake repair company it doesn’t hurt to go on the Internet and read about how vehicle systems work.  There is a lot of good information there to help you be more knowledgeable so you’ll know what your mechanic is talking about.  Some of my favorite sites are and YouTube.

Here are some suggestions to help your brakes last longer so that you don’t have to take your car to a Utah brake repair place as often.  You want to avoid hot brakes like the plague.  Hot brakes can wreck havoc for your system and can pose a safety risk.

Avoid riding your brakes.  When you ride your brakes you’re constantly building up heat.  It’s best to give your brakes a rest for a bit, and then use moderate braking force.  When going downhill use your engine to help slow you down.

Keeping your brakes clean will also help.  A layer of dirt and grime will help to insulate the heat instead of dissipate it.  When you wash your car, use a wheel cleaner which won’t harm your fancy rims.

If you work on your brakes or have them worked on by your favorite Utah brake repair garage keep in mind the following.  It is important to clean all components of the brake system.  Grease can create hard spots on the surfaces of the friction material resulting in squeaking and shaking and another brake repair job before it needs to be done.

Because brake friction material is usually made out of metal sometimes squeaks and squeals can be a pain.  To help avoid this use an anti-squeak compound on the surfaces where metal touches metal (but not on the friction material).  They make a spray and a gel form and many brake pads will come with some.

If you are getting your car worked on at a shop ask to see the damage.  Then you can decide whether or not they need to be replaced.  There’s no need to pay to have something done before it needs it.

If you are not sure where to take your car to have the brakes looked at ask around to see where others like to go.  There are many tire and brake specialty stores.  The advantage of these types of stores is that they are specialized in those fields and for the most part perform quality work.


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