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With so many different auto care garages in operation, customers will naturally be drawn to the one that fills certain particular criteria, namely the convenience of the garage’s location, the fairness of the charged price, the knowledge of the staff, and the trust that no “funny business” is trying to be worked over on them. At Master Muffler, we recognize that each of these metrics is important both individually and as a whole and so have tried to address each as best we can. As a two-time Best of State winner for Vehicle Maintenance, we don’t take this process of perfecting our services lightly, nor do we feel like we’ve “made it.” All we can guarantee for our customers is that we will always try. In the meantime, let’s look at the “Master Muffler difference” when it comes to car repairs.

Convenient Locations

Our Riverton car repair shop is simply one of our numerous locations found dotting all over Utah and Idaho—17 to be exact. Our ultimate goal is to make the states in which we operate home to the safest roads in the country. In order to accomplish this, we have strived to make comprehensive and affordable car repairs available to as many people as possible, ensuring that anyone from Jerome, ID to Provo, UT won’t have to go far to get the help they need.

Car Repairs At A Fair Price

When you are having car troubles, it is difficult to measure what is more inconvenient—the time you need to spend without a car or the amount of money you have to pay to get the car back in working order. At Master Muffler, we are very conscientious of both of these issues. Concerning money, for the most part, we are willing to pay whatever it takes to get something done if we believe that it is a fair price. Judging whether something is fair is usually a combination of three things:

  • The problem doesn’t persist once it has been fixed
  • There is no exorbitant markup on parts
  • Labor costs are kept low because the turnaround time is quick

When coming to Riverton for a car repair, we want every customer to leave feeling like they got exactly what they paid for and that they weren’t unfairly treated. This includes keeping our processing time short. For the majority of issues we service, same-day service can be achieved by making an appointment in advance. We also take efforts to only use the best parts; our catalytic converters, for example, are custom-made by our team with more precious metals in them than standard units. This means that they will work better, longer, ultimately saving you money on infrequent maintenance fees.

Knowledgeable Staff

There are two things you never want to hear at a doctor’s office: “uh-oh,” and “what’s that?” Likewise, hearing or seeing any sort of confusion on the part of your mechanic is like watching your bill skyrocket in real-time. We can confidently say that when it comes to your vehicle, there is nothing that we haven’t seen at Master Muffler. Knowledge doesn’t just mean that we are stumped less often than any other mechanic—it also means that we can identify faster what the solution is and go about fixing the problem.

Only Honest Work

There is an unfortunate perception that car mechanics will use fear tactics in order to spike the price of their services and hold the customer hostage against their own situation. “Where else are you going to go? Your car is broken.” At Master Muffler, our guiding principle is that we want to make Utah and Idaho’s roads safer because you are our neighbors; you drive those roads and so do we. How can we have a positive effect on the safety of our community if our customers feel we care more about taking their money than we do protecting their families?

To improve the experience of our customers, we pledge to always speak plainly and openly about what we suggest regarding repairs and to always quote a fair price. We are happy to explain our reasoning and will ultimately respect any decision you make. We work for you, after all. 

The Master Muffler difference is something that can be seen and felt whenever you come to Riverton or any of our 16 other locations for a car repair. It is our pledge to always strive to live up to the moniker “Best of State,” regardless of how many times we win or lose that honor. If you are looking for a new shop to bring the car by, drop in and set up an appointment with us. We’d be happy to help you. 

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