mercedes benz f 015 luxury in motion

Concept cars are a window into tomorrow’s car technology, and the Mercedes-Benz F 015 Luxury in Motion concept car is certainly no exception. This concept car in particular has been garnering attention for its advanced take on the up and coming autonomous driving technology. It moves beyond the mere technology of autonomous driving systems and offers a preview of how autonomous cars will change society as a whole.

Key features

While of course the F 015 Luxury in Motion is only a concept car and we shouldn’t expect its key features to hit the marketplace in the very near future, the features you’ll find on this car do shed light on what to expect in the future of luxury (and eventually, mainstream) cars. The car has a sleek, seamless design and features saloon-style doors that open to a full 90 degrees, providing easy access to the car’s interior lounge. It has four rotating seats inside that allow for both face-to-face configuration and standard forward-facing configuration. Six display screens built into the front, rear, and side panels allow passengers to interact with the car via gestures, eye tracking, and high-resolution touch screens. The interior is also suitably fitted with luxury materials of walnut trim and soft nappa leather, completing the luxury experience.

The car, of course, makes use of an autonomous driving system but allows for manual driving as well. This means that passengers can enjoy a higher quality experience every time they spend time on the road, using travel time to work, relax, or bond with other passengers. In other words, passengers will enjoy perhaps the best luxury that a car could offer: time. Autonomous driving also means that the car will be better integrated with the world around it, becoming part of a world where people and vehicles coexist and communicate with one another.

Future prospects

This concept car has a great many convenient and luxurious features that are not too difficult to imagine in tomorrow’s cars. The power of this car, however, lies in the statement it makes about the future of driving. Overall, it makes a bold stride towards cars becoming mobile living spaces, rather than serving as mere transportation vehicles. The office-like interior features of the car mold it into a retreat for its passengers, a digital living space that marries the real world with the virtual one.


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