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Are you aware of what’s going on where the rubber meets the road? Your tires contribute a lot to the performance and safety of your vehicle. With all the friction they endure, it’s important to inspect your tires regularly to ensure they’re in good shape.

Whether you’re heading off to work or on a road trip, ensure a safe and smooth ride by visiting Master AutoTech Murray for a tire inspection, rotation, alignment, or more.

Keep Your Vehicle Safe And Sound!

The expert mechanics at Master AutoTech can help ensure that your tires are in tip-top shape, ensuring your safety for miles and miles.

Close up of an old tire with worn, cracking treads

Identifying Tire Wear on Your Vehicle

Notice any of the following signs? It might be time for a visit to Master AutoTech:

  • Visible cracks on tire sidewalls,
  • Tread wear leading to bald tires,
  • Sidewall bulges,
  • Persistent vibrations or shaking when driving,
  • Uneven tread wear.

We’re stocked with premium brands, serving as Utah’s esteemed Yokohama provider. Explore our wide selection of leading tire brands:

Brands We Offer

Master AutoTech carries all the top-quality brands you know and love, including Yokohama and Doral tires.

For a closer look at two of our most popular brands, check out our page about Yokohama and Doral tires.

Prolonging Your Tires with Master AutoTech

Investing in a new set of tires involves a significant upfront cost but pays dividends in improved vehicle handling and efficiency, thanks to fresh treads. Here’s how you can extend your tires’ longevity and get the most out of your investment:

  • Regularly monitor tire pressure to maintain optimal safety. Checking once a month helps prevent tire failure due to under or over-inflation.
  • Ensure tires are aligned, especially after encountering significant bumps or curbs which can affect the vehicle’s alignment.
  • Rotate your tires between 5,000-8,000 miles to evenly distribute wear.
  • Consider winter tires to combat wear from harsh conditions. They’re not only safer for winter drives but may be required on certain Utah roads during the snowy season.

A quick inspection of your tires can reveal alarming wear patterns or the necessity for maintenance to ensure your safety on the road.

Technician removing a tire
Tightening bolts on newly installed tires

Comprehensive Tire Services at Master AutoTech Murray

At Master AutoTech, we offer an extensive range of tire services from installation to routine maintenance, ensuring unparalleled quality and value in the Salt Lake Valley.

  • Purchase: Choose from an expansive selection of top-brand tires.
  • Installation: Trust our experts for professional tire fitting.
  • Tire Balancing: Optimize your drive with precise balancing for peak performance.
  • Tire Rotation: Enhance tire longevity with our expert rotation services.
  • Flat Repairs: Get back on the road swiftly with our puncture repair services.
  • Warranty Protection: Enjoy peace of mind with warranties ranging from 40K to 90K.


Why Opt for Master AutoTech?

Expert Team

Our highly trained technicians assess and ensure your tires are road-ready, performing necessary repairs or replacements swiftly.

Top-Quality Products

We prioritize high-quality parts and materials, including our range of tires.

State-of-the-Art Facilities

Equipped with advanced tools and equipment, our facilities are designed to offer superior service.

Customer Satisfaction

Join our community of happy customers in Utah.

Tightening bolts on newly installed tires

Hear from Our Customers

The customer testimonials showcase our exceptional services and demonstrate the value we offer to our clients. Please read them to see for yourself.

These guys are amazing, I went in for a recharge on my A/C and several months later my valves were leaking again, without hesitation they fixed the valves again and fully recharged the system and didnt charge me anything. They are always honest and go above and beyond to make sure all my concerns are addressed.

~ Jason Rickard

These guys are great!  They have worked on a few different cars for me and have been really helpful.  They try to help you save money rather than squeezing all they can out of you and Steve in the office was great to work with.

~ Joe McCann

Steve and Devin were very pleasant to work with. The guys took good care of my truck fixing the breaks, rotors, and the AC is ice cold again. Best customer service you could ask for.

~ Tyler Kimberley

These guys at this Master Muffler are absolutely the BEST!!!! I 100% trust their judgment when it comes to cars. I brought my last car to them and they took incredible care of it. I was looking to buy a used car and every car I brought them, they checked and told me if it was a good quality car or not. I highly recommend if you don’t have a mechanic you trust, to come see Jacob!

~ Jocelyn Bissell

My tire was going flat and so I stopped Master Muffler because it was close. The manager, Jacob, made it happen! He checked the air pressure and sprayed the tire. When he couldn’t find a leak, he decided to remove the tire and submerge it – so he could rule that out. He found a big ol’ nail in my tire! He fixed my tire and I was back on the road fast! Thank you Jacob!

~Mariann Millsaps
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