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When did you last get your brakes looked at? Your car’s brakes are its top safety feature, so it’s crucial to have them checked regularly. This way, any potential problems can be caught before your brakes stop working altogether.

The skilled team at Master AutoTech Murray is fully equipped to do a thorough brake system inspection. If your brakes make squeaking sounds, pulsate, grind, or feel spongy when you press the pedal, we’ll pinpoint the issue and make it right. Whether it means repairing or replacing any worn parts, we’ll ensure your vehicle’s brake system is ready to hit the road again.

Keep Your Vehicle Safe And Sound!

The expert mechanics at Master AutoTech can help ensure that your brakes are in tip-top shape, ensuring your safety for miles and miles.

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Three Steps To Checking Your Brakes

Don’t underestimate the power of regular brake inspections! Even without a professional’s help, you can do this important car maintenance task yourself. Just follow these three simple steps to keep an eye on your brakes.


Check your brake pads by peeking through your wheel spokes. The pad meets a metal rotor when you brake. It’s crucial that your brake pad is not less than ¼ inch. If it’s thinner, you need to visit us for a replacement.


Keep your ears tuned while you’re driving. If you start to hear a high-pitched screeching sound, that’s a small warning mechanism in your brakes telling you it’s time for a change. If you push it even further and hear grinding or growling, your brakes are totally worn out. This can cause serious damage to your car as it’s your discs and calipers rubbing against each other. Don’t wait, get your car to a professional auto shop ASAP if this is happening!


Ever pressed your brake pedal and it goes all the way down? That’s not good! You could have an air or fluid leak. Or maybe your car pulls to one side when you hit the brakes? That could mean uneven wear on your brake linings or something weird in your brake fluid. If your car shakes like it does when your anti-lock brakes kick in, you might have a problem with warped rotors.

Feeling unsure about the above? Just swing by any Master AutoTech garage and we’ll check your brakes for free. Whether your vehicle has drums or disk brakes, our team is ready to repair and replace any brake problem. We shine in brake repair, and with Utah’s ever-changing weather, it’s vital that your brakes work perfectly on icy roads and hot desert streets alike. Allow our automobile brake repair experts to restore your car to its best performance for your journey.

Breaking Down Brake Repair

Needing a tune-up? Or maybe your brakes are giving you a hard time with all the squealing and skidding? Don’t worry, we’re here to assist! Our mission is to ensure you’re back on the road safely as fast as we can. To do this, we’ll focus on these parts:

Brake System

Each time you press the brake pedal, your car uses an intricate system combining leverage, hydraulic force, and friction to come to a halt.

Brake Fluid

There’s a special fluid flowing through it that helps move a piston. This piston presses the brake pad against the brake disc on the wheel, helping you slow down or stop.

Brake Pads & Rotors

When you’re driving, it’s this pair that comes together to halt your wheels.

Master Cylinder

The master cylinder is like the heart of your brake system. While it should last a lifetime, but sometimes due to damage or malfunction, you’d need to replace it.

What We Offer

No matter if your car has drum or disc brakes, our Master AutoTech experts can fix or swap out any part of your brake system. If you’re unsure about how to look after your brake pads or rotors, don’t sweat it! We’re happy to provide a free brake check-up and get your vehicle running smoothly again.

Getting your car checked out regularly is super important for staying safe, especially in Utah’s icy roads and scorching desert conditions. Let our auto brake repair pros handle it for you.

Brake Inspections

Our crew will give your brakes a look, and if something doesn’t look right, we’ll let you know and have a plan to fix it.

Brake Pad Replacement

Old brake pads or shoes can make stopping tough. We’ll get you a new set and you’ll be back on the road before you know it.

Rotor Repair & Replacement

Rotors are what your brake pad presses against when you stop. They can wear out too, but we can either replace them or resurface your existing ones

Brake Fluid Check

Other fluids and foreign objects can contaminate your brake fluid, and ruin your brakes. We’ll check for leaks and top off your brake fluid if needed.

Master Cylinder Repair & Replacement

If your master cylinder is acting up, we’ve got you covered. We can fix it or replace it and you’ll be rolling again in no time.

Why Choose Master AutoTech?

Reliable Service

You can feel confident with our highly trained and experienced technicians. They’re great at pinpointing any problems with your brakes – and they’ve got the know-how to fix them right away.

Reliable Parts and Materials

When it comes to repairs, we don’t cut corners. We only use the highest quality parts and materials.

Reliable and Advanced Equipment

Our repair stations are fitted with all the latest gear to take good care of your vehicle.

Satisfied Customers

Check out our customer reviews. You’ll find lots of satisfied people back on the road thanks to us.

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