Regular maintenance on your car needs to be performed every 15,000 miles, but which tasks need to be completed depend on the number of miles on your car. Some services are done every 15k miles, while others only need to be done every 30k, 45k, or 60k. Let’s take a look at what you can expect from your next trip to the mechanic.

Service at 15k Miles

  • Oil and Filter Change: This service should actually be performed around every 5k miles, but check your operating manual to be sure. Frequent oil changes keep the engine running smoothly, and help you avoid temperature control problems, among others.
  • Air Filter Replacement: There are two air filters that need to be replaced at this time. the engine air filter keeps the optimum amount of air flowing through the engine. The in-cabin air filter keeps the air from your car’s climate control system fresh.
  • Wiper Blade Replacement: Wiper blades dry out and become brittle over time. They need to be replaced in order to maintain full contact with the windshield.

Service at 30k Miles

Along with an oil and filter change, air filter replacements, and wiper blade replacement, your 30k services should include:

  • Fuel Filter Replacement: Impurities in fuel build up over time in your fuel filter, so you’ll need a new one periodically to keep things running smoothly.
  • Power Steering, Transmission, and Engine Coolant fluids flushed and replaced: The fluids in your vehicle break down over time, making them ineffective at doing their jobs. These fluids need to be replaced every 30k miles.

Service at 45k Miles

Oil and filter change, air filter replacements, and wiper blade replacement should all be included at this visit, as well as:

  • Spark Plugs and Distributor Cap: Your engine can be seriously damaged if the ignition system begins to misfire. Replacing these components will help avoid ignition problems.
  • Brake Inspection and Fluid Replacement: At 45k, it’s probably about time to have your brakes replaced, so be sure to have them inspected for extensive wear and tear. The brake fluid also needs to be replaced at this time.

Service at 60k Miles

In addition to repeating your 15k and 30k services, your car will need:

  • A new Timing Belt: Timing belts, dry out and crack over time, making them vulnerable to breaking. A break in the timing belt can cause serious damage to the engine, so have it replaced every 60k miles, and inspected at each maintenance appointment in between.
  • New Battery: The only symptom your battery will give that it’s getting old is when it stops working altogether. Avoid an inconvenient surprises by having it replaced as part of your 45k service.

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