Brake maintenance is pivotal for the safety of any vehicle. In between brake jobs, there are a few things you can do to keep your brakes running better longer.

Starting with the brake fluid, it is wise to regularly check the fluid levels, in case of a leak. When you check your oil and other fluid levels, check the brake fluid at the same time, as a habit. Aside from just looking at the level of fluid, examine the color as well. If fluid is a milky color, condensation or water has contaminated the fluid.

If the fluid is contaminated, it can damage or destroy the master cylinder of the brake system. It also damages the wheel cylinders.  For that reason, it is vital to change contaminated fluid as soon as it is discovered.

In order to change the fluid, recruit a helper. One person needs to be inside the vehicle pumping the brake pedal. This puts pressure through the brake lines. Have the person count pushing down once, twice, three times, then four and hold down on the fourth time.

With the other individual positioned at the bleeder valve, that person needs to open the bleeder valve. This will allow any air to escape. Add the fluid. Once it starts flowing through, close the bleeder valve. You should repeat these steps for each of the remaining wheels.

Finally, you can check your own brake pads, to know when it is time to have them replaced. You will simply need to take the tires off to inspect the pads. If they are wearing thin, it is time to get them replaced. Check with your favorite Utah auto repair center to have this done.

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