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Your brakes play a vital role in your car’s safety; don’t forget to have them inspected regularly. This way, you’ll prevent any issues from arising and keep your brakes in optimal condition.

Head over to Master AutoTech in Layton for a comprehensive brake system inspection. Have you noticed odd noises like squealing, pulsating, grinding, or unusual pedal response? We’re here to identify and rectify any issues, replace any faulty parts, and swiftly get your vehicle ready for the road.

Keep Your Vehicle Safe And Sound!

The expert mechanics at Master AutoTech can help ensure that your brakes are in tip-top shape, ensuring your safety for miles and miles.

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Three Steps To Checking Your Brakes

Need to check your car’s brakes? You can become your own expert! While it’s always good to have an auto tech take a look, here’s how to do it and decide if you need to pop into a garage for a brake repair.


If you peek through your front wheel spokes, you’ll see your brake pads pressed against a metal rotor. The pads need to be at least a quarter-inch thick. If they’re not, it’s time for new ones.


Noticed a squealing or grinding sound when you brake? It’s a sign you need to replace your brakes quickly. The metallic squeal is from a small shim called an indicator. Its job is to alert you when your brakes need attention. The grinding noise is due to your brake pad being entirely worn out, causing parts to rub against each other. Head to the garage ASAP, or you risk damaging your car severely.


Do you feel vibrations from your brake pedal as if your anti-lock brakes are engaged? It might be a warped rotor issue. If your brake pedal depresses all the way easily, there might be a fluid or air leak. Moreover, if your car sways when you break, it’s likely from uneven brake pad wear. If you’ve noticed these issues, it’s time for a proper examination of your vehicle.

Still not sure about your brakes’ conditions? No worries! Just drop by any Master Autotech for a free brake inspection. We’ll let you know if there is anything that needs repairing or replacing. As the leading brake repair service in Utah, we know just how crucial it is to have safe brakes for every weather condition, from icy canyon routes to heated desert lanes. Trust our experienced team to get your brakes in perfect condition for all roads you’ll take.

Breaking Down Brake Repair

When you come in for a brake repair or even just to get a second pair of eyes on your brake pads’ condition, we’ll take a full look at your brake system to judge how it’s doing. Here’s what we’ll look at in order to get you back on the road ASAP:

Brake System

When you step on your brake pedal, a hydraulic system swings into action, employing leverage, hydraulic force, and friction to bring your car to a stop.

Brake Fluid

In your car, fluid travels through your brake system to propel the piston forward. This pushes the brake pad against the brake disc, stopping the tires.

Brake Pads & Rotors

Located near your car’s tires, these parts press against each other to stop the car.

Master Cylinder

The master cylinder is the core of your brake system. Ideally, it should last as long as your car does, but malfunctions or damages can shorten its lifespan.

What We Offer

Whatever brand or model you drive, or whether it uses drums or discs for brakes, our auto professionals can help. With our free brake assessment, we’ll answer any questions and share tips for maintaining your brakes. 

Regular inspections are key to safe driving – our team in Utah knows this better than anyone else, especially when dealing with the diverse landscapes of the desert and mountains.

Brake Inspections

If our comprehensive examination of your brake system reveals any issues, you’ll be informed right away. Plus, we’ll present you a detailed plan to fix it.

Brake Pad Replacement

Brake pads, or brake shoes in older vehicles, are meant to wear down eventually. When the time comes, you’ll need a new set, and our team at Master AutoTech is prepared to get the job done rapidly and effectively.

Rotor Repair & Replacement

Each time you hit the brakes, the brake pad comes into contact with a rotor, which also wears out. Sometimes they could be resurfaced, or they might need replacement. Whichever the case, we’ll have your rotors as good as new.

Brake Fluid Check

Brake fluid is vital for your brakes’ hydraulic system, but it can get contaminated. We’ll ensure the fluid is clean, flowing without interruption, and refill if it’s below the necessary level.

Master Cylinder Repair & Replacement

Whether your cylinder requires repair or replacement, we’re geared up to fix it and get you back driving.

Why Choose Master AutoTech?

Reliable Service

No matter the car trouble you’re facing, our proficient team has the training and expertise to sort it out, particularly when it comes to brake repairs.

Reliable Parts and Materials

We utilize only the best parts and materials for each repair, ranging from brake pads to master cylinders.

Reliable and Advanced Equipment

Our repair stations are modern wonders, equipped to deal with any repair challenges.

Satisfied Customers

Take a peek at our reviews. There you’ll find a host of satisfied customers we’ve managed to put back on the road.

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