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Something drivers often take for granted on their vehicles is the tires. But good tires are one of the most important safety features of any car or truck. We often don’t realize there’s a problem until we find ourselves with a flat due to bald tread, or wonky steering due to a misalignment.

Don’t let worn-out tires catch you unaware; make sure they’re ready for whatever the road, and the weather, brings every time you set out for a drive. At Master AutoTech, we can take care of tire inspections, installation, or repairs.

Keep Your Vehicle Safe And Sound!

The expert mechanics at Master AutoTech can help ensure that your tires are in tip-top shape, ensuring your safety for miles and miles.

Close up of an old tire with worn, cracking treads

How to Tell Your Tires Are Worn

Walk around your vehicle and look for these signs of wear:

  • Cracked sidewalls
  • Bald Tires (no treads left)
  • Bulges on sidewall
  • Uneven wear

The next time you pull out of the driveway, pay attention to how the steering wheel handles; if you notice constant shaking or vibrating while driving, it could be related to worn tires.

To address these issues, come into Master AutoTech Kearns for new tires. We carry all the top-quality brands and are Utah’s Yokohama dealer!

Brands We Offer

Master AutoTech carries all the top-quality brands you know and love, including Yokohama and Doral tires.

For a closer look at two of our most popular brands, check out our page about Yokohama and Doral tires.

How to Get More Life Out of Your Tires

We know a new set of tires is a big investment. That’s why we’re sharing tips for how to get more life out of your tires. Get more miles and enjoy more safety on the road by doing the following as a driver:

Check the tire pressure

Do you have the right PSI in every tire? Tire pressure makes a big difference in how a tire performs and how evenly it wears.

Get regular tire alignments

Misaligned tires lead to wonky steering and uneven wear. Whether you hit something or just want to check every few thousand miles, visit Master AutoTech for an alignment.

Get regular tire rotations

It’s recommended that all four tires be rotated every 5,000 to 8,000 miles.

Invest in winter tires

In Utah, winter tires are often a must! Plus, having a second set of times can prolong the life of your regular-weather tires.

These tire maintenance tips should help you get more mileage out of all-weather or snow tires. If you have concerns, come on into our shop and we’ll take a look at your tires for you.

Technician removing a tire
Tightening bolts on newly installed tires

Tire Services We Offer at Master AutoTech Kearns

As Utah’s full-service auto repair experts, we offer all the tire services you need for a safe and comfortable ride.

  • Purchase New Tires: Find a variety of trusted brands available at Master AutoTech.
  • Installation of New Tires: We’ll professionally install your new tires in our service center.
  • Tire Balance: Have a rough ride? Let us recalibrate your tires and get them balanced.
  • Tire Rotation: Protect against uneven wear with routine tire rotation.
  • Fix Flats: Got a puncture? Come into Master AutoTech and we’ll see if we can patch it for you.
  • 40K-90K Warranty: Rest assured you’re taken care of with our tire warranty.


Reasons to Choose Master AutoTech

Best Service Around

Our team of professional mechanics and technicians is trained and experienced when it comes to all things auto.

Reliable Parts and Materials

Everything from the tires to the windshield wipers we sell or install are dependable, quality parts.

Reliable and Advanced Equipment

When you visit our Kearns location, you get the tools and technology you need.

Satisfied Customers

You’ll find satisfied customers throughout Utah and Idaho are the norm for Master AutoTech.

Tightening bolts on newly installed tires

Hear from Our Customers

We encourage you to review the testimonials from our happy customers. These testimonials showcase how our company’s outstanding services are reflected in their feedback and validate the worth we offer to our clients.

Great place to go, reasonable prices and they take care of you quickly. I had my rims put on and shocks replaced. Wonderful people to do business with. Recommend them highly!

~ Tania King

“Amazing work on replacing my 2015 Ford Edge transfer case and drive shaft!! Big job, but these guys did it. So grateful for the whole process and commitment to get it done.

~ Carmen Ramirez

Riley did awesome work to my 05 Saturn Relay had an exhaust leak. Took care of my vehicle in less than 30 min and got me back on the road. I’ll be sure to return, for any other future services. Thank you!

~ Juan Araujo

My boyfriend took his suburban in to get his muffler fix, did good quick work for a good price. Paid exactly what we were quoted when we called and wasn’t waiting long to get back on the road.

~ Alana Mason

These guys know their stuff about trucks. I didn’t know Master Muffler did more than exhaust? I needed an oil change on my truck and stopped in to ask for the service. They do provide it with a reasonable price and a courtesy check on brakes visually to help customer stay safe on the road was no extra charge. Wow! I’ll be back. Thank you guys for the great service!

~ VI Uigaese
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