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Hybrid and electric vehicles (EVs) are increasingly becoming the choice of eco-conscious and cost-savvy drivers. In Kearns, Utah, Master AutoTech is your trusted partner for maintaining and repairing these innovative vehicles. Join the wave of sustainable driving with the confidence that your vehicle is in expert hands.

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Hybrid and EV repair is a new and burgeoning field. Bring your vehicle to Master AutoTech for a variety of issues specific to electric vehicles.

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Why Choose Master AutoTech in Kearns, Utah?

At Master AutoTech, we pride ourselves on specializing in hybrid and EV maintenance and repair. Our team of seasoned and certified technicians has undergone extensive training and possesses comprehensive knowledge of electric vehicle systems. Here’s what sets us apart:

Educated and Experienced Technicians

Our technicians are certified professionals specializing in hybrid and electric vehicles. Each team member has completed rigorous training programs specifically designed for hybrid and EV technology, ensuring they are well-versed in the latest advancements and repair techniques.

Proper Diagnostic Equipment

Master AutoTech Kearns is equipped with the proper diagnostic equipment for hybrid and EV systems. Thanks to our up-to-date technology and training, we can figure out what’s wrong with your hybrid or EV without wasting time.

Quality OEM Parts

Aftermarket parts and products are not created equal; using genuine Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) parts for your hybrid or electric vehicle can drastically affect its performance. We rely on precision-manufactured and tested OEM parts and materials when servicing hybrids and EVs.

Proper Fluids and Lubricants

Hybrid and EVs require specially formulated fluids and lubricants to optimize your vehicle’s intricate systems. At Master AutoTech Kearns, we only use approved products in all the vehicles we service.

Convenient Location in Salt Lake County

Our service center in Kearns, Utah, is conveniently located for Salt Lake County residents. Stop by and see us today for all your hybrid and EV services.

No Surprise Costs

At Master AutoTech, we understand the importance of getting quality service at a reasonable price. We never want to surprise you with unexpected costs, which is why we provide transparent estimates and affordable pricing.

EV Electric Vehicle batteries

Kearns Hybrid and EV Repair Services

Our technicians meticulously examine the battery pack for any signs of wear, damage, or inefficiency.

Our experienced technicians are adept at diagnosing and troubleshooting electric motor issues using cutting-edge diagnostic tools. This service ensures that any motor-related problems are accurately identified and resolved, keeping your hybrid or electric vehicle running smoothly and efficiently.

We accurately diagnose and address issues with your vehicle’s charging system using advanced diagnostic tools. 

Charger Replacement
If necessary, we replace faulty charging components with genuine OEM parts to ensure reliable and efficient charging.

Charger Maintenance
Regular maintenance of your charging system prevents potential issues and extends its lifespan.

Our team is skilled in diagnosing and repairing issues with regenerative braking systems, crucial components of hybrid and electric vehicles. Services include brake pad replacement and brake fluid flush and replacement.

Tire Rotation
Regular tire rotation is essential to ensure even tire wear, enhancing the longevity and performance of your tires. By rotating your tires at recommended intervals, you help maintain optimal traction and handling, which contributes to a safer and smoother driving experience.

Fluid Checks and Replenishment
Our technicians perform routine checks and replenishment of crucial vehicle fluids, including brake fluid, coolant, and transmission fluid. Maintaining appropriate fluid levels is vital for the proper functioning of your vehicle’s systems and prolongs their lifespan, preventing potential breakdowns and costly repairs.

Routine Inspections
We offer thorough multi-point inspections to assess the overall condition of your vehicle. These comprehensive inspections help identify any potential issues or areas that require attention, allowing for timely repairs and ensuring your vehicle remains in top-notch condition. Regular inspections are key to maintaining your vehicle’s reliability and performance.

Hear from Our Customers

We encourage you to review the testimonials from our happy customers. These testimonials showcase how our company’s outstanding services are reflected in their feedback and validate the worth we offer to our clients.

Great place to go, reasonable prices and they take care of you quickly. I had my rims put on and shocks replaced. Wonderful people to do business with. Recommend them highly!

~ Tania King

“Amazing work on replacing my 2015 Ford Edge transfer case and drive shaft!! Big job, but these guys did it. So grateful for the whole process and commitment to get it done.

~ Carmen Ramirez

Riley did awesome work to my 05 Saturn Relay had an exhaust leak. Took care of my vehicle in less than 30 min and got me back on the road. I’ll be sure to return, for any other future services. Thank you!

~ Juan Araujo

My boyfriend took his suburban in to get his muffler fix, did good quick work for a good price. Paid exactly what we were quoted when we called and wasn’t waiting long to get back on the road.

~ Alana Mason

These guys know their stuff about trucks. I didn’t know Master Muffler did more than exhaust? I needed an oil change on my truck and stopped in to ask for the service. They do provide it with a reasonable price and a courtesy check on brakes visually to help customer stay safe on the road was no extra charge. Wow! I’ll be back. Thank you guys for the great service!

~ VI Uigaese
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