Cars need batteries to work. When the battery is dead you will need to charge it. Here are some basic procedures you can do to jump start your car and get the battery charged again.

1. First, start by locating the car battery. Pop the hood of your car and find the car battery. If you question whether you found it, look through your car’s manual.

2. Move the cars close together. You want to make sure the cables have plenty of room to reach where they need to. Turn off the working car and pop both car’s hoods.

3. Start with the working car. Clamp one end of the jumper cable onto the battery. Red means a positive charge and black means a negative charge. Put the red clamp on the red post on the battery, then clamp the black clamp on the black post of the battery.

4. Next, connect the cables to the dead car’s battery. Never have the metal part of the clamps touch each other. You also have the option to connect the black clamp to a metal part of the car. This would reduce the risk of sparks happening.

5. Now it is time to start the engine. Turn on the working car and let the engine run for at least five minutes. Once you feel it has had adequate time to recharge the battery you can turn off the engine.

6. Start your car up. If the car starts up you can remove the clamps. Start by taking off the black clamp, and then remove the red. Do the same to the other car.

7. If your car does not start take it in to a good Utah auto repair shop. Utah auto repair mechanics at Utah auto repair shops will be best able to tell you why your battery is not holding a charge, and give you solutions to fix the problem.

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