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Are your brakes ready to keep you safe? It’s crucial to have them checked regularly as they are the key safety feature of your car. Through regular checks, you can prevent problems before they happen and ensure your brakes never wear out.

Visit Master AutoTech in Jerome for a thorough brake system inspection. If you notice squealing, pulsating, grinding, or anything unusual when you press the brake pedal, we’re here to help. We’ll diagnose and fix the issue, replacing any worn out parts, and work swiftly to get you back on the road.

Keep Your Vehicle Safe And Sound!

The expert mechanics at Master AutoTech can help ensure that your brakes are in tip-top shape, ensuring your safety for miles and miles.

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Three Steps To Checking Your Brakes

Want to know if it’s time for a brake check? It’s great to get input from a pro, but you can do it yourself, then decide if it’s time to bring your car in for some brake work. Here’s how you can figure it out yourself:


Peek between the spaces of your car’s front wheel spokes, and you’ll see the brake pads. They should be touching a big metal disc, known as the rotor. These pads should be at least a quarter of an inch thick. If they’re skinnier than that, it’s high time to swap them out.


Are you hearing a loud squeal when you brake, or even scarier, a grinding noise? It’s time for a brake replacement, pronto. That squeal is the sound of your indicator, a little metal piece letting you know it’s time. It’s built to squeal when your brakes get too worn down. If there’s a grinding noise, it means your brake pad has worn out and the parts are rubbing together. Head to the mechanic soon, or your car could take some big damage.


Have you noticed an odd shaking in your brake pedal, like your anti-lock brakes are activated even when they’re not? This could mean your car’s rotors are warped. Or, is your brake pedal sinking down too easily? This could be due to an air or fluid leak in your brake system. Also, watch out if your car drifts when you brake, as this could mean uneven wear on your brake pads. If you’ve experienced any of these signs, it’s time to get your car checked.

Still having trouble figuring out what’s wrong with your car? Come on down to any Master Autotech spot for a free brake check. We’ll let you know if anything needs to be fixed or replaced. We understand how important it is to have safe brakes no matter the weather – from slippery roads to scorching highways. Our skilled team is ready to ensure your brakes are ready for any journey.

Breaking Down Brake Repair

Coming in for a brake fix-up or just simply want us to double-check your brake pads? No problem! We’ll carefully inspect your entire brake system to make sure it’s in top shape. We’ll check out everything necessary to get you back on the road in no time. Here’s what we’ll look at:

Brake System

When you step on your brake pedal, a detailed hydraulic system swings into action, employing leverage, hydraulic force, and friction to bring your car to a standstill.

Brake Fluid

This specific fluid travels through your brake system to propel the piston forward. This action pushes the brake pad against the brake disc

Brake Pads & Rotors

Located near your car’s tires, these parts press against each other to stop the car.

Master Cylinder

The master cylinder is the core of your brake system. Ideally, it should last as long as your car does, but malfunctions or damages can shorten its lifespan.

What We Offer

No matter your car’s brand or design, or whether it uses drum or disc brakes, our crew of automobile experts can examine, fix, and change any part of your brake system. We’ll kick things off with a free brake check-up, where we can respond to your inquiries and give you advice on brake upkeep.

Consistent inspections are crucial for road safety.Our team especially knows how vital it is to ensure your brakes are in good enough condition to drive in any environment.

Brake Inspections

Once we run a thorough analysis on your brake system, we’ll let you know about any problems we find, along with a clear plan to fix it.

Brake Pad Replacement

Brake pads or shoes in older models, are made to wear down over time. Sooner or later, you’ll need new ones. With our experts at Master AutoTech, you can be confident that we’ll complete this job swiftly and efficiently.

Rotor Repair & Replacement

Every time you use your brakes, the pads press against a rotor. Since they wear down too, they might require resurfacing at times, or even a replacement. We’ll determine what’s best and return them to you in a like-new condition.

Brake Fluid Check

There’s no overstating the importance of brake fluid in your brake’s hydraulic system, but it can become contaminated by foreign objects and substances. We’ll make sure the fluid is clean, flowing smoothly, and refill it if required.

Master Cylinder Repair & Replacement

Regardless of the repairs or replacement your cylinder needs, we have the solution to have you back on the road in no time.

Why Choose Master AutoTech?

Reliable Service

No matter the issue with your vehicle, our skilled team is prepared to handle it. We’re well-versed in all things car-related, especially brake repairs.

Reliable Parts and Materials

For every job we do, we always use top-notch parts and materials, including brake pads and master cylinders.

Reliable and Advanced Equipment

For every job we do, we always use top-notch parts and materials, including brake pads and master cylinders.

Satisfied Customers

Go ahead and check out our reviews. You’ll find plenty of happy customers we’ve helped get back on the road.

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