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One of our most frequent services at any Master Muffler location is brake changes. So whether you’re coming in to change out spongy feeling brakes or just want to feel safer after braking with extra force on wet winter roads, we’re here to help! 

Though there are sure signs that it’s time to change your brakes (like that lovely screeching sound as you’re slowly braking at a stoplight), we want to ensure that every one of our clients gets the most out of their brakes. 

Braking at High Speeds

Feel like you have to have your brakes replaced more often than others? You’re not alone. Usually, a need for brake replacements coincides with the driver’s habits and unforeseen road conditions.

For instance, do you tend to drive on mostly street surfaces on your daily commute, or are you spending most of your time on the freeway? Are you stuck in stop-and-go traffic after work or when you’re picking up the kids from school? All of these items play a factor in the longevity of your brakes.

A key to keeping your brakes in working condition for longer is not braking at high speeds. Of course, slamming on our brakes at high speeds is unfortunate but sometimes inevitable. However, when you can help it, don’t suddenly brake. Even a handful of sudden and harsh brakes at high speeds can completely wear out brakes to failure.

  • Is your car shaking when you brake at high speeds?

Let’s assume you’re on the freeway and braking to match slower traffic up ahead. If your car begins shaking as soon as you press down on that brake pedal, it’s a sure sign your brakes are already on their way out. That’s why we always recommend gentle pressure when braking at higher speeds. Your aim is a smooth stop, even when going from 60 mph to 10.

Keep an Eye on Your Brake Fluid

Thankfully, most drivers won’t have to check their brake fluid semi-annually or annually. Instead, we recommend having your brake lines flushed every four years or 25,000 miles.

  • Check For Leaks

Although you might not have to have your brake lines thoroughly flushed year after year, it is vital to make sure they are in good condition. A break in your brake line can mean diminished pressure—created by the fluid running through the brake lines—when pushing on your brake pedal. If you’ve noticed a leak right around your front tires, this may indicate a broken or leaking line.

Brake Disc Maintenance

Rust isn’t something car owners in California ever really have to worry about, but it is an entirely different story in Utah. From harsh winters and salt on our roads, rust is something many of us live with and hate to see. However, it’s not enough to keep your vehicle’s body free of rust.

Rust can also build up on your brake discs, and unfortunately, they can wear out an entire braking system prematurely. However, we can say that keeping rust from forming on brake discs is relatively easy. Bringing in your car for routine maintenance can help with that. Ask for your brake discs to be inspected for cleanliness every time your tires are rotated or your vehicle is taken in for an alignment check-up, not just when they need to be replaced.

DIY Isn’t Always the Answer

We’ve seen it before. A client comes in for a brake replacement, and we’re met with a mess where the brake discs and pads are located. The client tells us they tried to change the brakes themselves after watching Youtube videos on the subject. They got frustrated, installed incorrectly, and came to us to fix the mistakes.

Although we love when our clients choose to understand car maintenance better, keep in mind that even a simple brake pad replacement can be done poorly without the right expertise. It can also be incredibly time-consuming or nearly impossible for those without the knowledge and the right tools. 

There’s nothing more important to us than your safety on the road. So, if you want to prolong the life of your braking system, let our professional team handle repairs, stay consistent and gentle with your braking, and make sure your brake fluid is doing its job. Have questions on brakes or service repairs? The team at Master Muffler Kearns is here to help! Give us a call today.

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