It may have looked cool when you put it on, but maybe now you’re having second thoughts about that window tinting or sticker. Did you get pulled over because the tinting is too dark for state regulations? Or are you just having a hard time seeing clearly through the windows? Or did you put stickers on your windows and have second thoughts later?

Sometimes auto window tinting can be a serious problem for night driving, as it makes it much more difficult to see. Other times, someone purchases a car that already has tinting and never like it in the first place. If the antenna is a thin wire layer on the back windshield, tinting can even cause radio reception problems. And stickers on cars can just be annoying in general.

Whatever your reasons, you want the stuff off and you don’t want to have to pay a lot to have it done. You could spend $140 or more to have the tinting or stickers professionally removed, or you can rent a steamer for about $30. No razor blades should be necessary using this clean, easy method.

When using the steamer, point the steam directly at the sticker or the edge of the window tinting. As you concentrate the steam to the one spot, it will cause the tinting or sticker to peel, and you can simply start pulling it off as you steam. Just be careful! Steam is really hot, so use caution as you steam and peel.

Go from one side to another working your way down with the steam and peeling as you go. It should not take more than several minutes to get the first window done. Then repeat this process for each of the windows you are treating. You can wipe them dry with a clean, dry towel. Just remember to take the steamer back on time to prevent late fees on the rental. Now just lean back and enjoy your clear windows and the satisfaction of having saved $100 or more by doing it yourself.

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