It’s never fun walking through the parking lot after an errand, stepping inside the vehicle, and turning the key only to realize the engine isn’t going to turn over. Most of us have experienced this at some point or another and have been left with no choice but to ask for assistance from a friendly stranger to help us jump the vehicle. It’s no secret that many have also experienced the panic of not really knowing what to do once the hoods are popped and the jumper cables are in hand. Well, as the most trusted auto repair experts in Utah and Arizona, we want to save you from a few frantic searches through youtube when such an occasion arises— and you don’t need to be an auto mechanic to become an expert on this matter. 

Step 1

Park both vehicles close together so that the cables can easily reach from one battery to another.

Step 2

Pop the hoods, locate the batteries, and make sure the cables you are using are untangled and unfrayed.

Step 3

Attach the cables properly (see below) while keeping the charged car running.

Auto repair infographic showing how to connect jumper cables

Step 4

Wait a minute or two then attempt starting the dead car. If it turns over, you are good to remove the cables in the reverse order you attached them. 

Step 5

Let the car run idle for several minutes, or drive the car for an extended period of time before cutting the engine. If, after doing so, your car fails to start the next go-around, your battery has likely gone bad and is in need of replacement. 

Advanced Utah and Idaho Auto Care at Master Muffler

If you have an automotive need, whether it be large or small, we can help. Our trusted mechanics in Utah and Idaho bring a wealth of experience in all things car-related. Our mission is to make every car that comes in, better when it drives out while delivering the best customer experience possible. For any questions or concerns regarding your vehicle, contact us today. 


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