You don’t have to bring your car to a Utah auto repair shop every time you need to adjust your car headlights. That is just money being spent unnecessarily. You can do this task on your own with a little information on how to adjusting car headlights.

You need to check on the headlights at least once in every 12 months.  With headlights pointed in the wrong directions it can make it difficult to see down the roadway, especially if it is a rural road without street lights. You might not always be near a Utah auto repair shop, so that is why you should learn to adjust your car’s headlights so they will work as they were intended.

The first thing you will need to do is check your car’s trunk and remove any items found inside it. Excess weight can critically affect the correct alignment of the car headlights. In addition to this, you must also make sure that the tire pressure is according to the manufacturer’s settings.


After parking your car on a level surface such as in a garage, turn on your headlights.  Make a mark on the garage door or wall using masking tape. Make one horizontal-vertical mark each for the left and right headlight. Each should look more like a letter “T.”

Using a carpenter’s level, you may now check if the headlights cast even rays of light. Simply place the level in between the center lines of each mark. If they are not aligned, use a tape measure to check on how far the lower mark is from the upper part of the wall.

Adjust your car’s position to about 10 more feet backwards. Turn off the car headlights then start removing the trim rings surrounding them. You will see the adjusting screws, one screw is on top of the headlight, for making vertical adjustments and the other screw is located at the sides to make horizontal adjustments.

Using the screwdriver, you may now adjust the screws. You should turn the upper screw clockwise if you want to raise the headlight and counter clockwise if you want to lower it down. As for side screws, you can turn it from right to left or vice versa.

Turn your car headlights on to check if everything’s fine, just as a Utah auto repair shop would. Make sure that the beam of light is casted just a little lower than the center line on your garage wall, so you will not blind drivers you meet along the road.  After you’re done adjusting your car headlights, take your cars for a test drive, readjusting the headlights if you find that something’s still wrong.


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