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What Should You Look For in a Mechanic?

Finding the right mechanic isn’t always as simple as choosing the first search result on Google. We take that back—it is that simple, but we think you should consider other factors. When we think about what makes a great mechanic (one who’s right for you), we think about the shop’s reviews, costs, and location to start.

  • Take reviews into consideration.

Allowing someone to work on your car requires more than a little bit of trust. After all, the wrong mechanic could easily make an issue worse rather than better. When you’re considering which business or mechanic to work with, it’s always best to start off your search by looking through reviews (from various sources). We recommend searching on Google, Yelp, and even Facebook. Do you see a lot of negative reviews or one-star ratings? Go somewhere else! A great mechanic is proud of his reputation, as is a great auto shop. They’ll do what they can to keep customers happy, cars safely on the road, and their ratings high.

  • Consider costs.

Whether you’re a new driver, or this is simply the first car you’re paying for entirely on your own, many drivers aren’t quite familiar with the typical costs of car maintenance. One thing to note is that prices stay roughly consistent, whether you’re taking your car in for a simple oil change or changing out a car part like a catalytic converter. Unfortunately, auto repair shops and mechanics may try to take advantage of a car owner who doesn’t know this, gouging costs or charging extra for jobs that didn’t need to be done. 

Do a little homework and call around about service costs before you choose a place for vehicle maintenance. If a mechanic is quoting you a higher price and it’s unclear why (i.e., a specialty part or service is needed), you might want to find another mechanic. Don’t be afraid to ask a mechanic why they’re quoting you specific prices. 

  • Where is the shop located?

Location and reputation mean a lot. Whether you’re new to a city or haven’t had the need to search for an auto repair shop in the past, it’s always best to ask around to see what place other car owners in your area or workplace take their vehicles for repairs. If an auto shop is local and has several locations, that’s usually a sign that they’re well-loved in an area close to you and other neighborhoods. So, ask around and think about if a shop’s location is convenient for you. 

Other Things to Think About

  • Is their demeanor a red flag?

When it comes to deciding who you’re doing business with, there are always a few other things to consider besides reputation, costs, and location. For instance, are you happy with the person providing service? Were they friendly and thorough, or off-putting and in a hurry? There are many mechanics in the world, so you might as well work with someone knowledgeable, consistent in their work, and amiable.

  • Is their shop clean?

Yes, an auto shop can be clean. Mechanics who care about their work are usually tidy with their tools and your vehicle. It matters what a shop looks like. An unorganized shop is a red flag.

  • Is the shop busy?

An ethical, high-quality shop is usually one that’s busier. There’s a reason why customers flock to it! Take online reviews into account, and swing by and get a feel for how customers like it.

Meet Your Favorite Auto Shop!

At Master Muffler Provo, we’d be more than happy to talk to you about preventative maintenance on your new car. Getting your first car is an exciting event, and working with a mechanic you can trust is essential. As one of Utah’s top-rated full-service auto shops, we’re excited to work with you.

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