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Let’s face it, there are numerous places you could take your car for car repairs in Pocatello; practically anyone, from Master Muffler to your neighbor, can perform a basic oil change. However, you don’t send your car to a professional shop in order for them to just perform the basics. It’s the other, more involved repairs that truly set our garage apart from any other. For instance, would you trust your neighbor with knowing how to diagnose and repair issues with your exhaust system? What about having the proper equipment to hoist up the car so that they can check the fuel lines? 

When it comes to adding value to the car repair process, our Pocatello Master Muffler team goes above and beyond in two ways: the first is in knowing how some problems can dovetail into other problems within a car’s interconnected network of systems, and prevent them. Secondly, understanding that car troubles never come “on time,” when it’s convenient, we try and find as many ways as possible to ease the stress of a car repair. Let’s explore a few of them.

The Covid-19 Response

At the height of the coronavirus pandemic, it was encouraged for people to stay in self-quarantine for as long as possible in order to help us beat the curve of diagnoses and treatments. Unfortunately, our cars didn’t recognize that anything like this was going on and would break down anyway. Some people even suffered engine troubles from not using their car enough during this time. In response, Pocatello’s Master Muffler—in unison with our other locations in Idaho and Utah—came up with a plan to service people’s cars as quickly and conveniently as possible with little to no contact with their owners.

This process involved: 

  • Making house calls
  • Towing cars back to our garage (at our expense)
  • Deep cleaning the vehicles once we had worked on them
  • Returning the car back to the customer’s house
  • All while discussing the nature of the repairs and taking payment over the phone 

While these initiatives have largely been mothballed in light of the widespread rollout of Covid-19 vaccines, we look to this year under quarantine as an example of how Master Muffler will handle car repairs in Pocatello in the future, should anything like this happen again.

Free and Available Coupons

One of the things we are best known for is the easy way in which we make deals and discounts available to our customers. Whether you’re getting a car repair in Pocatello or anywhere else, each of our Master Muffler locations honors the page on our main website where you can view and download coupons. These coupons will often be a dollar amount or percentage off of any number of services that will usually rotate over time. It is good to keep tabs on this page if you anticipate needing to bring the car in for a repair.

Building a Career

Not only do we strive to make car repairs an easy and simple process for each of our customers, but we also recognize that for some, the real value of Master Muffler is the career opportunities we offer. Not only do we provide full-time employment for new hires, but we offer comprehensive insurance, flexible vacation and sick days, and (most importantly) a structure of promoting our most dedicated and knowledgeable employees. 

Master Muffler is a great place to work for anyone who is dedicated to exceptional customer service and not cutting corners on any work that must be done. Everything else, from mentorship and onsite training, we are happy to provide. If you are interested in adding value to our Pocatello car repair team, visit our website here.

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