Winter is here. Those living in cold areas that experience a lot of snow and ice often worry about sliding and slipping when they drive. What can be done to improve your car’s traction this winter?

Traction control and anti lock brakes will help your steering control when driving on slippery roads. Front wheel drive and all-wheel drive are also very helpful during winter driving conditions. The best way to improve your car’s traction, however, is to swap your summer or all-season tires for winter or snow tires.

Snow tires have a special tread design that helps them bite into snow and ice for better traction. They are made out of a softer rubber compound that lets them stay flexible at low temperatures. Snow tires are your best bet for safe winter driving if you live in areas that experience much snow or ice.

It can be tempting to buy just two winter tires, but this isn’t a good idea because mixing winter and all-season tires can lead to poor handling. This is especially dangerous in skid situations as the front and rear tires would have different traction. Using four winter tires is the best way to go. Inexpensive snow tires will perform better in snow and ice than all-season tires.

Many people like to plus-size their car’s tires. This is fine for summer driving and can give a sportier look. In winter, however, plus sizing is a bad idea because wider  tires give more resistance and drag in the snow.

Using a narrower tire in the winter can more easily cut through the snow and slush. You may want to see about “minus sizing” your tires when purchasing snow tires. This may also save you some money as the smaller, narrower tires could be less expensive.

Snow tires come with various speed ratings. Tires with higher speed ratings are usually more expensive, but give better performance in ice and snow. Tire experts at Utah auto repair facilities can help you select the right tires for your car.

Utah auto repair technicians are available to help you with all your automotive needs. This winter, let the Utah auto repair servicemen put snow tires on your vehicle. You’ll have a safer drive and greater peace of mind.

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