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Many of us are familiar with now ever-popular apps like Airbnb and Uber, which make easy work of living both frugally and communally. Now, however, there is an up-and-coming app called GaragePointer, which might just be the next major app for serious car owners.

GaragePointer is an app that allows car owners with limited garage space to search for safe and reliable parking in their area. Garage owners with unused or extra garage space, meanwhile, can list their garage space and in turn make a little extra cash by “renting out” their extra space. The app appeals most particularly to car collectors and enthusiasts who want a safe and reliable space to keep their cars but who have limited garage space themselves. Finding a nearby storage space can protect their high-end collector cars from weather, vandalism, theft, and general carelessness.

It’s a lot like renting a stable for a horse when your home does not afford the space and conveniences needed to keep a horse on your own property.

The app prides itself on being “remarkably affordable,” “convenient,” and “easy.” Co-founder and classic vehicle appraiser Donald Osborne states of the new app, “Finding safe, convenient and reasonably priced parking is problematic, particularly for people who own high-end luxury cars and collectible automobiles. We created GaragePointer to address the needs of these people, for collectors who have simply run out of space in their own garages, for boat owners and anyone else looking for convenient storage.”

In addition to car enthusiasts, the app could also be a major draw for suburban homeowners who are currently only storing clutter in their garages. The app could give them added incentive to clear out their garage and turn it into a money-making space.

The app could also have major applications in urban areas, where the idea of safe and available parking seems almost mythical. The app will give urban condo dwellers who are paying for underground parking but not using it the chance to recuperate some of that parking cost.

As of early June, GaragePointer is soft launching in California, Oregon, and Washington as a free service. Once GaragePointer rolls out nationally, listings will remain free, but both the car and garage owner will be required to pay a $20 fee when a match is made. Garage owners will have the freedom to set the price for their own spaces, but prices are expected to run between $75 and $350 per month.

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