Flat tire in need of auto repair

Nobody likes being stuck in one place and cars have given us multiple expressions to describe just how inconvenient the failure to progress can be. When we start out strong but lose momentum over time, we’re running out of gas; when we can’t seem to get away from our current situation, we’ve stalled; when we are hit with an unexpected setback, we’ve had a flat tire.

It is the goal of our South Salt Lake car repair center, as well as all of our Master Muffler locations, to help people get past these literal examples of arrested development by maintaining their vehicles and ensuring that they remain in perfect operating condition. Our team of accomplished professionals is experienced enough to service virtually every part of the vehicle, but there will always be situations where we as drivers will have to take care of the car until a car repair technician arrives. A flat tire is typically one of those times.

Emergency Response

Some estimates reason that nearly 220 million flat tires occur every year. That means there are hundreds of millions of drivers that get the “opportunity” to deal with this inconvenience before the calendar turns over each December. Regardless of how common this event is across the globe, it can still be one of the most nerve-wracking and frustrating things that we’ll have to deal with — especially if there is other traffic around. 

Below are some protocols to follow that will help you stay safe and get the assistance you need until the vehicle can be brought to our South Salt Lake car repair shop for repairs.

Before Help Comes

The main goal before help arrives is to remain safe on the road. Too many people have been seriously injured on the side of the road while attempting to fix a problem, and we don’t want you to be one of them. 

  • Turn on your emergency lights and pull onto the side of the road: This step is all about making yourself seen to the other cars and getting out of immediate danger by getting off of the busy road.
  • Call for roadside assistance: Many people don’t travel with a spare tire and even if they do, they are unpracticed on how to change it. Calling a professional for a tow or some roadside car repair is key.
  • Sit in the car and keep your phone charged: The last thing you want when an inconvenience like a flat tire happens is for the situation to become even more dire by getting yourself hurt. Staying safe in the car is the best way to keep this a “one-problem day.” Make sure your phone is charged and that you’re somewhere you can take a phone call if the technician is having a hard time finding you.
  • Bring the car to Master Muffler: Whether you were able to get a spare tire installed or not, it’s always safe to bring the car to the professionals so that they can assess any lasting damage. Our South Salt Lake care repair center is more than adept at servicing your tires.

A flat tire, just like the setbacks we experience in life, is annoying, frustrating, disappointing…and overcomeable. With the right help, we can get past anything. Master Muffler remains Utah’s premier car repair center, so come in before or after a crisis to make sure your car is running to the highest standard. We love helping people. 

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