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Tires are the crucial connection between your car and the road, making them vital for vehicle safety. The constant contact and friction with the road surface lead to wear and tear, which, if not monitored, can become a significant safety hazard. Regardless of whether you’re navigating icy winter roads in Utah or cruising on the highway during a warm day, compromised tires can lead to severe accidents. Recognized across Utah for our comprehensive auto repair services, Master AutoTech also excels in offering top-notch tire services.

Ensure Your Vehicle’s Safety with Master AutoTech!

Our skilled mechanics at Master AutoTech are here to keep your tires in excellent condition, helping you drive safely for many more miles.

Close up of an old tire with worn, cracking treads

Signs of Tire Deterioration

Keep an eye out for these wear indicators and, if you spot them, make sure to contact us for an appointment right away.

  • Cracks in the tire sidewalls
  • Tread wear leading to bald tires
  • Bulging sidewalls
  • Continuous shaking or vibration when driving
  • Uneven wear on tires

We’re proud to offer an extensive selection of premium tire brands and are the official Yokohama provider in Utah!

Brands We Offer

Master AutoTech carries all the top-quality brands you know and love, including Yokohama and Doral tires.

For a closer look at two of our most popular brands, check out our page about Yokohama and Doral tires.

How to Extend the Life of Your Tires, According to Master AutoTech Downtown Main, SLC

Though purchasing a new set of tires might seem like a significant investment, the enhanced performance and efficiency from new treads are immediately noticeable.

To maximize the durability of your new tires, Master AutoTech Downtown recommends the following:

Maintain the right pressure

Checking your tire pressure monthly can prevent tire failure and ensure safety. The ideal PSI for your tires can be found in the vehicle’s manual or online.

Get an alignment after impacts

If your car has encountered a substantial obstacle or pothole, it may need realignment to avoid uneven tire wear.

Rotate your tires regularly

Aim to rotate your tires every 5,000-8,000 miles to promote even wear.

Switch to winter tires

Standard tires may not perform well in Utah’s harsh winters. Consider switching to a set of winter tires to improve safety and tire longevity.

Regular inspections and maintenance are key to keeping your vehicle running smoothly. A quick tire check can reveal signs of damage or wear.

Technician removing a tire
Tightening bolts on newly installed tires

Comprehensive Tire Services at Master AutoTech Downtown SLC Main

We’re your go-to for all tire services in Utah, offering everything from balancing and rotation to installation, all at competitive prices.

  • Choose Your Tires: Select from our wide range of quality tire brands when it’s time to purchase new tires.
  • Professional Installation: Count on our experts for precise tire installation.
  • Tire Balancing: We’ll check and adjust your wheels for optimal performance.
  • Tire Rotation Service: Our technicians will rotate your tires to increase their lifespan.
  • Flat Tire Repair: We’ll fix your flat tires swiftly, depending on the damage.
  • 40K-90K Warranty: Enjoy peace of mind with our extensive tire warranties.

Why Choose Master AutoTech?

Expert Service

Our qualified technicians evaluate your tires thoroughly to ensure they are road-ready. If not, we’ve got all the necessary tools for repairs or replacements.

High-quality Components

We use only the best parts and materials for every service, including our premium tire offerings.

State-of-the-Art Equipment

Our SLC facility is equipped with advanced tools to address all your vehicle’s needs.

Satisfied Customers

We guarantee customer satisfaction whether you’re visiting our Utah or Idaho locations.

Tightening bolts on newly installed tires

Hear from Our Customers

Please take the time to read the testimonials from our happy customers. They illustrate how our company’s excellence is reflected in their feedback and demonstrate the value we offer to our clients.

“What an excellent auto shop. Very clean, spacious waiting room. We were helped immediately by the very nice staff. It took them less than half an hour to diagnose and fix my car, despite not having an appointment. Will definitely be returning.”

~ Jenny Brown

“They were very busy but happened to be able to work me in. Completed the job in record time and the guy at the front desk, I believe his name was Kelly, was very, very pleasant. Let’s see how the muffler holds up. It was really a good price.”

~ Sharon Eastman

“First class service, first class mechanics. I brought my 2015 Jeep Grand Cherokee in with a potentially major issue. Not only did they diagnose the issue but they did it quickly and efficiently and in turn my bill was more than reasonable. I would highly recommend MasterTech Auto.”

~ Jeff Volimas

“Great customer service and quick to complete the job. Mike kept me notified every step of the way and I always felt like my car was in good hands. Prices are very reasonable. Highly recommend”

~ Ethan Squires

“This was one of the best experiences I’ve had with an automotive shop. Phil was a great guy who really took care of me and Don did great, quick work on my truck. Highly recommend!”

~ Sasa Dobrijevic
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