Your brakes are your most important defense against driving hazards, so it is fundamental to consistently inspect their components. Proactively examining these parts before they reach the brink of breakdown will secure you from any precarious circumstances that may arise.

Downtown SLC Automotive Brake Repair

Are you feeling your brake pedal getting spongy or low? Do weird squeaking and grinding noises arise when pressing the brakes? If so, it’s time to get your car serviced at Master AutoTech Downtown SLC. Our skilled professionals will inspect all components of the braking system thoroughly and repair any damaged parts for dependable performance. Make sure to safeguard yourself and those around you by taking advantage of reliable service from Master AutoTech Downtown SLC – don’t delay!

Don’t wait any longer to get your brakes serviced! Our Master AutoTech Downtown SLC mechanics are here to help you make the right decision with a complimentary assessment. With our expertise in both disc and drum brake repairs, no matter how extreme Utah’s conditions can be – whether it is freezing cold or scorching desert heat – we will have you back on the road again quickly. Rely on us today for all of your automotive brake repair needs.

You Can’t Put a Price on Trustworthy Brakes

Don’t hesitate any longer – get your brake repairs done now! With us, you’ll receive swift and secure service. From squealing brakes that need to be taken care of or just a tune-up, our team will have you back on the road in no time. Trust us with all of your braking needs today for fast and safe service!

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Types of Brakes

When it comes to brake maintenance, there’s no one better than the certified technicians at Master AutoTech Downtown SLC! We specialize in all services related to your vehicle’s braking system – from simple tasks like changing out your brake pads to more complex repairs. With us on board, you can be assured that you’ll get lasting results with every job we do. Put your trust in our team for reliable service time and again!

Drum Brakes

Renowned for its dependability, the classic drum brake system utilizes a wheel cylinder to press against the interior of a rotating drum in order to safely and securely bring your vehicle to a stop.

Disc Brakes

For exceptional braking power, disc brakes are the ideal selection. The calipers of these brake systems apply pressure to pads which then clamp onto rotors for optimized control and halting capability. With this reliable mechanism in place, you won’t have any trouble bringing your wheels to a halt!

Various Brake Systems


Anti-lock Braking Systems (ABS) are a lifesaving feature found in many of today’s cars. When you brake suddenly or with more force than expected, this system helps ensure that your wheels don’t lock up, giving you an extra layer of protection while driving and comforting assurance knowing ABS has got your back!


ESC (Electronic Stability Control) offers drivers a safer, more reliable driving experience. Whenever your vehicle senses you are beginning to skid or slide due to going too quickly, this technology kicks in and automatically adjusts the brakes and steering wheel so that you remain in control of the road ahead.

Checking Your Brakes for Problems

Check Visually
To ensure your brakes are functioning up to their optimal level, it is essential that you visually inspect the brake discs and pads for any signs of damage or wear. Performing this inspection will allow you to identify if there’s a necessity for maintenance.

Test Pedal Pressure
If you feel a spongy sensation when pushing the brake pedal, then it’s certainly time to take your brakes in for an inspection.

Listen to Strange Sounds
If your car is screaming at you with a shrill, ear-splitting screech when you break, then it’s time to have your brakes inspected without delay.

Feel How Your Vehicle Drives
Don’t wait to get essential maintenance – address your car troubles right away! If you feel your vehicle pulling to one side or the steering wheel shaking, it is time for a brake inspection. Take care of yourself and ensure your safety on the road by taking proper precautionary measures with your vehicle.

Installing new brakes on a car
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Keep others and yourself safe by having well-functioning brakes. If you need brake maintenance, Master AutoTech Downtown SLC is the go-to place for reliable service – from worn brakes to regular tune-ups! Reassure yourself that our team will take care of your needs as soon as possible so that you can drive without worry.

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