Conquer the Roads with a Healthy Suspension

Driving in Ogden? Between historic 25th Street and scenic canyon roads, your car’s suspension system is working hard to keep your ride smooth and safe. It’s the unsung hero absorbing every bump and pothole, ensuring your tires grip the road for confident handling and braking.

But just like those historic buildings downtown, your suspension needs upkeep. Worn shocks, struts, and bushings can make your ride rough, reduce control, and even extend your stopping distances. Don’t risk your safety or comfort on Ogden’s unique roads.

Master AutoTech: Your Ogden Suspension Specialists

Located in the heart of Ogden, Master AutoTech is your one-stop shop for expert suspension care. Our skilled technicians will thoroughly examine your suspension system, pinpointing any worn or damaged parts, and providing the necessary repairs to get you back to enjoying the open road.

Don’t wait for a bumpy ride to become a dangerous one. Schedule your suspension inspection with Master AutoTech today and experience the difference a well-maintained suspension can make.

Is Your Ride Uncomfortable?

Shocks and strut performance is our specialty.

The Suspension: A Symphony of Parts for a Smooth Ride

Your car’s suspension isn’t just about comfort – it’s about control, safety, and responsiveness on the road. Think of it as a finely tuned orchestra, with each component playing a crucial role in delivering a harmonious driving experience.

Ball Joints

These are the agile pivots that allow your wheels to move smoothly while maintaining alignment. Like well-oiled joints, they need regular check-ups. We inspect for looseness and wear, replacing them as needed to keep your steering precise and responsive.

Control Arms

These sturdy components connect wheels to the vehicle body, ensuring proper alignment and stability. We inspect for damaged bushings or bent arms and replace them promptly to keep your wheels on track.


Imagine these as the shock absorbers within the suspension itself. These rubber cushions dampen vibrations and noise, giving you a quiet and comfortable ride. We replace worn bushings to restore that smooth, luxurious feel.


These are the heavy lifters, supporting your vehicle’s weight and absorbing the impact of bumps and potholes. We monitor their condition and replace them when they show signs of wear, ensuring your car maintains a proper ride height and stable handling.

Shocks (Dampers)

Working in perfect harmony with the springs, shocks control their rebound and prevent excessive bouncing. We’re vigilant about leaks, unusual noises, and any signs of wear, replacing them in pairs to maintain optimal performance and keep your ride controlled.


These all-in-one units combine the functions of shocks and springs, often playing a structural role in the suspension. We treat them with the same care and attention as shocks and springs, replacing them in pairs when necessary to ensure your safety and comfort.

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Signs of Wear and Tear on Your Suspension

Your vehicle’s suspension system is constantly battling the forces of wear and tear on the road. While normal use typically calls for component replacement around 50,000 miles, a variety of factors can accelerate this process. Accidents, hauling heavy loads, off-road excursions, or even a seemingly harmless pothole can all inflict damage that necessitates earlier repairs. Ignoring these signs can trigger a chain reaction, harming other parts and jeopardizing your safety.

What to Look For

Your suspension is key to your car’s smooth ride, absorbing the shocks and vibrations of the road. However, this constant struggle takes its toll. Here’s how your suspension might cry for help:

Uneven Tire Wear:

If your tires are wearing down unevenly, it could be a red flag for misalignment, tire imbalance, or worn suspension components.

Shakes and Shivers:

A vibrating steering wheel or a bumpy ride could signal worn shocks or struts, loose steering parts, or unbalanced tires.

Rattles and Clunks:

These unsettling noises often indicate loose or damaged suspension parts, such as ball joints, bushings, or stabilizer links.

Pulling and Drifting:

Does your vehicle pull to one side? It could be caused by uneven tire pressure, misalignment, or worn suspension components.

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Harsh Bumps and Bottoms Out:

A jarring thud or bump when encountering potholes or speed bumps could mean your shocks or struts are worn out.

Excessive Bouncing:

If your car keeps bouncing after hitting a bump, it’s a clear sign of worn shocks or struts.


Does your vehicle lurch forward during braking or squat back during acceleration? This could point to worn shocks, weak springs, or other suspension problems.

Ominous Oil Leaks:

If you spot oil leaking from your suspension components, it’s likely a leaking shock or strut that requires immediate attention.

Protect Your Ride: Prioritize Suspension Maintenance

Don’t wait for a bumpy ride to alert you to suspension problems. A proactive approach can save you from unexpected breakdowns and costly repairs down the road.

Scheduling a yearly suspension inspection is a wise investment in your vehicle’s health and your safety. Conveniently align this with your annual wheel alignment for a comprehensive check-up that ensures optimal performance, enhances safety, and saves you money in the long run.

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Master AutoTech: Your Suspension Partners

At Master AutoTech, we’re committed to keeping your ride smooth and safe. Our expert technicians are ready to inspect and maintain your suspension system, so you can enjoy a comfortable and controlled driving experience.

Don’t compromise your safety and comfort. Contact us today to schedule your suspension inspection and experience the difference a well-maintained suspension can make.

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