It is very important to know the limits of your brake system. Knowing the limit can keep you safe and save you from having to go to a Utah brake repair company for problems. If you want to keep your brakes from overheating, be sure to take care of your brakes.

Even with reliable vehicles it is imperative to know the limits your brakes have. Vehicles that drive down the road have a specific kinetic energy. This energy is transformed with your brake system in to heat energy. If you use the brake system too much with this type of energy you will cause a lot of damage to your vehicle.

I will relate a story that happened to me a few summers back. I had to go to a company dinner and as I was driving down a mountain near my home I started going a little faster than I normally do. Because of this I had to use the brakes a lot, and my front brake started to make some hard vibrating sounds.

Instead of risking a blowout or worse I pulled over and took off the tire. I noticed a high amount of heat near the brakes, and it had moved towards everything else around it. After I unscrewed the lug nuts I accidentally stretched the threads of the first few before I realized it. The studs were broken off as well.

There was a van in front of me pulling a heavy trailer that had pulled off to the side as well. I found out that their brakes got so hot that it actually caught on fire. Luckily they were able to stop, but it was a miracle. I’m more than certain their Utah brake repair company needed to swap out every brake component after that.

I tell you this story to warn you that when you start to smell a burnt smell, slow down. Your brakes may be getting overheated, or even your tires. If you are going down a steep mountain try to use your engine to slow you down and only use moderate braking when needed.

Braking too much and heating your brakes can cause brake warping and fading. Brake fade is when the components of your braking system cannot work as well as when they are cool. Brake fluid can also boil when it is too hot.

Don’t risk warping the components of your brake system by getting it too hot. A warning sign that this is starting is a vibration or shudder. If you want to avoid a trip to your Utah brake repair shop, keep your brakes cool.

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