Keep Your Ride Smooth & Safe: Suspension Care in Clearfield

Your vehicle’s suspension is what makes your drive enjoyable and secure. It soaks up bumps and keeps your tires firmly planted for optimal control. But over time, parts wear down, leading to a rougher ride, less responsive handling, and longer stopping distances. Regular checks and upkeep are essential to avoid these problems and guarantee a consistently smooth and safe ride.

Master AutoTech: Your Suspension Pros

Don’t let worn suspension parts compromise your safety and comfort. At Master AutoTech, our experienced technicians will inspect your suspension system, pinpoint any issues, and recommend the right repairs to keep your ride smooth and safe.

Is Your Ride Uncomfortable?

Shocks and strut performance is our specialty.

Suspension System: The Foundation of Your Driving Experience

A well-maintained suspension system is crucial for a safe, comfortable, and responsive driving experience. Each component plays a specific role in ensuring optimal performance. Here are the key components to consider for maintenance and repair:

Ball Joints

These allow your wheels to move freely while maintaining alignment. Regular inspections for looseness or damaged rubber boots are essential, and timely replacement ensures balanced handling.

Control Arms

Connecting the wheels to the body, control arms maintain stability and alignment. Our team can identify bent or worn bushings and replace damaged arms as necessary.


These rubber cushions reduce noise and vibration, contributing to a smooth ride. Regular inspection and replacement of worn bushings are recommended.


These support your vehicle’s weight and absorb shocks. If you notice your car sitting lower or feeling unstable, a prompt inspection for sagging or broken coils is crucial.

Shocks (Dampers)

Controlling spring movement and preventing excessive bouncing, shocks are essential for a comfortable ride. Unusual noises and leaks are indicators of worn shocks that require replacement.


Combining the functions of shocks and springs, struts often play a structural role. Regular inspection for wear and tear is recommended, and replacement should be done in pairs.

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Suspension Lifespan: Factors and Risks

While regular wear and tear often leads to suspension component replacement around 50,000 miles, various factors can significantly shorten this lifespan. Accidents, towing heavy loads, off-road excursions, or even a seemingly minor pothole impact can accelerate wear and necessitate premature repairs. If your vehicle displays any symptoms of suspension trouble, immediate inspection is crucial. Ignoring these warning signs can trigger a chain reaction of damage to other components, jeopardizing your safety on the road.

Warning Signs Your Suspension Needs Attention

Your suspension system is constantly working to keep your ride smooth and safe. When something’s amiss, your vehicle will often give you clear signals. Here’s what to watch for:

Uneven Tire Wear:

This can be a sign of alignment issues, unbalanced tires, or worn suspension parts.

Vibrations or Shaking:

Worn shocks, loose steering parts, or unbalanced tires are common culprits.

Rattling or Clunking Sounds:

These noises often point to loose or worn components like ball joints or bushings.

Pulling to One Side:

This can be caused by tire pressure imbalances, misalignment, or worn suspension parts.

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Shocks bottoming out:

A harsh bump or thud over bumps indicates worn shocks or struts.

Excessive Bouncing:

If your car keeps bouncing after hitting a bump, it’s likely due to worn shocks or struts.


Worn shocks, weak springs, or other suspension issues can cause this during braking or acceleration.

Oil Leaks:

Leaking shocks or struts require immediate attention.

Regular Checks Keep You Safe

To prevent major suspension issues and catch any damage early, schedule an annual inspection. Combining this with your yearly alignment check is a smart way to boost your vehicle’s performance and safety.

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The skilled technicians at Master AutoTech in Clearfield are dedicated to ensuring your suspension system operates at its best. We offer comprehensive inspections, diagnosis, and repair services, utilizing high-quality parts and state-of-the-art equipment.

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