Is your fuel efficiency dropping? Is your engine performance decreasing? Are your emissions getting dirty? You may have buildup on your fuel injectors.

After purchasing a fuel injector cleaning kit, you’ll need to start with the engine off. Using your auto manual, locate the fuel injectors.

You’ll need to prevent fuel from going into the engine when you start it. So you can either place tubing from the fuel inlet to the fuel outlet or take out the fuel pump and block the fuel return.
Connect a pressurized solvent to the fuel injectors. Then, start your engine. Next, run your pressurized solvent through the engine while it is running.

Now, turn off the engine and clean up your supplies. If you disconnected the fuel lines and fuel pump, reconnect them. After everything is back the way that it was, you can restart the engine and check it for improved performance.

If this process doesn’t work, you can go through all of the steps a second time. If that still doesn’t work, then you’ll need to consider making an appointment with your favorite auto repair shop to have the fuel injectors professionally cleaned.

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