Having your own tools comes in handy in many ways. You’ll definitely save some money, and often time, by not having to rush to your Utah auto repair facility for every minor repair that needs to be made.  There are three general categories of tool sets.  You can have a basic tool set, medium tool set, or an advanced tool set.

Let’s talk a little about the build quality of tools.  Generally speaking, tools made in Taiwan are of a very low quality so don’t expect these to last long.  I’ve had some break or bend on their first use.

The best quality tools are made in the U.S.  These are expensive and are designed for years of continuous day to day use, the ones Utah auto repair mechanics use.  Of course they also cost the most.

While shopping for tools pay attention to warranties.  Good tools will have a lifetime warranty.  Also pay special attention to how to get your tools fixed or replaced.

The type of tools you will need will depend on the work you will be performing.  You can perform 75% of the repairs on your vehicle with only a basic tool set.  Having more than the basic set often makes those jobs easier, but they can be done without them.

You need to consider the amount of money you want to spend on tools and the frequency you will be using them.  If you use them only once in a blue moon, an inexpensive tool set will work just fine for you.  But they will not last long, generally 4-6 years depending on use.

A basic tool set will include metric wrenches and 6 point sockets sizes 4mm-19mm.  Most tool sets will not include every wrench and socket size, but they will include the most commonly used ones.  Most tool sets include a carrying case, but you’ll need a tool case to carry anything extra you get.

One of the best tools to have is a good repair manual for your vehicle.  Adjustable wrenches, a torque wrench, deep sockets, extensions and adapters, ratcheting wrenches, and a good set of screw drivers, are handy to add to your collection of tools.  Having a tool set will get you more acquainted with your vehicle and allow you to keep your vehicle in great shape, hopefully preventing you from too many trips to your Utah auto repair garage.

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