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Even if a vehicle is well-built by the manufacturer, there may be room for improvement. This is particularly true in terms of horsepower and torque. The manufacturer of your vehicle may have done an excellent job designing a safe and functional vehicle, but this does not necessarily imply that the exhaust system has been fully optimized. Installing custom exhaust systems is something that many car owners do. 

Your engine’s full potential can be unleashed with an aftermarket exhaust system. It can provide a faster, more efficient route for your engine’s exhaust gases to escape. This means that more fuel and air can be burned within the engine, resulting in more power. 

Many vehicle enthusiasts prefer a more aggressive exhaust sound, especially those who value their vehicle’s horsepower and want an acceleration sound that can match it. 

The standard stock exhaust systems deteriorate quickly and must be repaired on a regular basis. Aftermarket exhausts are more durable, and you won’t have to worry about expensive repairs.

An aftermarket exhaust can also improve the appearance of your vehicle. The best custom auto parts manufacturers have stylish exhaust systems that improve your car’s performance as well as its aesthetics. The exhaust pipes behind the catalytic converter are visible in some situations and contribute to the overall appearance of your vehicle. These common parts can also degrade faster than the high-quality parts that come with a custom exhaust system.

Any improvement to engine efficiency has a direct impact on fuel consumption. A custom exhaust system increases airflow, which improves engine performance. Fuel efficiency improves as engine performance improves.

Before you install a performance exhaust system on your car, you must first determine what type of system it requires. There are several types to choose from, each with varying levels of performance improvement.

1. Cat-Back Exhaust Systems

A cat-back system replaces your vehicle’s pipes, mufflers, and tailpipes beginning with the catalytic converter. It frees up some horsepower and can also increase torque in the motor. These systems are a common place to start for street-driven performance vehicles.

2. Header-Back Exhaust Systems

A header-back system replaces the entire exhaust system with new pipes, converters, mufflers, and tailpipes, beginning with the vehicle’s headers or manifolds. These systems frequently employ larger diameter pipes and free-flowing mufflers to obtain a significant increase in power.

3. Custom Exhaust Systems

A fully customized system provides the greatest increase in performance for your vehicle. The system employs larger diameter pipes and high-flow mufflers, which are bent to fit perfectly on your vehicle. Pipes are frequently coated to reduce heat, and bends are made on a machine that produces extremely smooth turns for the gases inside the exhaust system.

Signs you need to replace your muffler:

  • Loud noise
  • Funny smell
  • Fumes inside the car that cause headaches

The exhaust system of a car performs critical functions in order to provide a smooth driving experience, improve fuel economy, and reduce pollution. Unfortunately, most car owners overlook this system when performing routine maintenance on their vehicles. With an exhaust system upgrade, you can increase engine power, reduce fuel consumption, and give your car a facelift.

Muffler is in our name. We are experts in complete auto care and can provide insight into a custom exhaust system. Exhaust and automotive muffler installations and repairs are frequently completed in under an hour.  We can build and create custom exhaust systems for your vehicle using a pipe bender at each location. We offer both standard replacement exhausts and upgrades. We also provide other auto services such as oil changes, brakes, and alignments. Visit Master Muffler in South Salt Lake, UT for your exhaust system needs and more. 

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