Today’s modern automobile is equipped with a manufacturer’s guide that outlines when your car or truck will need routine service and maintenance. Following this guide can help keep your car in top shape and prevent major (and expensive) repairs down the road. Whether you’re taking your car in to a mechanic for your scheduled maintenance or have a worrying sound or warning light emanating from your car, a common question is when is the best time to bring your car into the shop? The timing of when you bring your car in can be extremely helpful in getting the service and attention that you deserve.

It’s most effective to bring your car in when the shop is slow. A dearth of other work will make sure that the mechanic gives you his full time and attention. It is even possible that if the mechanic has been standing around for a while that you could get some free perks or better deals in order to ensure the sale.

Typically, the slowest times in many shops are:

  • late January (as people wait to see if they are getting a tax refund);
  • most of April (tax season);
  • the days after a holiday (including the week between Christmas and New Years); and
  • during bad weather (when people are less likely to leave the house).

If you are able to time your routine service so that it happens during these slower periods, then you can help improve your overall auto mechanic experience. While these are general guidelines to slow times, it is important to remember that every auto mechanic shop might be slightly different. Don’t be afraid to call your mechanic and inquire.

Just as there are better times to come into the shop, there are also some worst times to come in. Two of the worst hours to come in are before the lunch hour and right before the close of day. At these times, when the mechanic is either ready for a break or to go home, you risk having them rush through the service and potentially forget something. You always want to make sure that you mechanic has enough time to thoroughly inspect and, if necessary, repair your car.


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