We all know that we need to take our car in for repairs every so often to Utah auto repair shops. These repairs and maintenance checks at Utah auto repair shops help keep your car running at its best. A very necessary maintenance trip that you need to take routinely is for an oil change.

Before you take your car in, however, you need to know what to expect with your oil change service. There are sadly a lot of companies out there that will take advantage of you during a routine service. Having the proper knowledge of what to expect can prevent you from getting ripped off.

If you have the option of having a basic oil change, take it. You don’t need all the extra fluff that the company will try to offer you. A lot of companies choose to offer extra features with their oil change that aren’t necessary or even helpful.

Where the rip offs happen is when the services are paid for but the service is not performed. For example, an extra service that could be added to your oil package is to have your car’s windshield wiper fluid added too. However, some companies charge you for this service and then don’t add any fluid.

Or perhaps you chose to use upgraded oil instead of the standard grade oil. Upgraded oil is sometimes best for cars that have to travel a lot. However, some companies rip off their customers by charging them the higher upgraded oil price and turn around and just use the cheaper standard grade oil.

Avoid scenarios like this by asking to watch them add the oil. You could also check to make sure that whatever oil they are pumping is coming from the right bottle or tank. If a Utah auto repair shop or company changing your oil won’t allow you this right this is a sign that they aren’t being completely honest with you.

Be sure that when your oil is changed your oil filter as well. A well-known trick to make sure your oil filter is actually replaced is to use a sharpie pen and make a mark on your oil filter before the oil change. If you still see the mark after the supposed oil change service you know that your filter wasn’t actually replaced.

Little tricks like these can help you not be taken advantage of. While it is almost impossible to not be hit with sale pitches, but you need to make sure that the services you buy are actually helpful and not rip-offs. Look through your car’s owner’s manual to double check what type of services your car should use and what types of services are not beneficial. That way you can tell what deals would be good for you and which deals aren’t.

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