Performance Exhaust

Get the top names in performance exhaust systems installed right here, at Master Muffler! Whether you’re considering a cat-back, axle-back, or some other kind of system, we can help you narrow down your options and make the best choice for improving the performance of your vehicle.

Cold Air Intake

Increase engine efficiency and boost performance by having a cold air intake system installed in your vehicle. This is a relatively inexpensive upgrade that can make a big difference in the way your vehicle responds.

Running Boards

Get a leg up with a set of running boards, step rails, or tire steps for your vehicle. This will make your vehicle more easily accessible, and give it a classy upscale look with one quick installation.

Suspension Air Ride Kits

Add a new layer of safety and comfort to your towing and hauling projects with a suspension air ride kit. The increased support allows you to take on heavier loads without risking damage or wear and tear to your vehicle.

Lift Kits

Hit the trail with some extra clearance and stability when you have a lift kit installed at Master Muffler. This will also allow you to run larger tires and wheels, improving the off road performance of your vehicle, and giving it an amped up look.


Having a winch installed at Master Muffler will give you the extra pulling power you need to get yourself out of a pinch. We have a wide range of winches to choose from, including electric and hydraulic varieties, for your truck, SUV, or ATV.

Truck Bed Covers

A truck bed cover from Master Muffler will keep your truck bed clean and safe from the elements when not in use, without the bulky appearance of a camper shell. You can also secure low lying loads with the help of a truck bed cover, making hauling everyday items like groceries or supplies quick and easy.

Performance Chips and Programmers

Outrun the factory settings on your vehicle and unleash its full performance potential with a simple performance chip or programmer. You can squeeze out extra horsepower, increase fuel efficiency, and improve performance in many other areas with the simple computer modifications provided by these devices.

HID Headlamps

Increase your nighttime driving visibility by as much as 3 times with High Intensity Discharge headlamps from Master Muffler. You’ll feel more safe and confident on the road night or day, rain or shine with this simple lighting upgrade.

Performance Shocks and Struts

Upgrading your suspensions system to performance shocks and struts will provide better cornering power, smoother off road performance, quicker steering response, and better traction control. Upgraded shocks and struts can improve performance for any type of vehicle, from a lowered sports car to a lifted pickup truck.

Performance Brakes

Increase the safety and performance of your vehicle with custom installed performance brakes. They provide better response and stopping stability for everything from street performance to towing in one quick installation.

Custom Wheels and Tires

You can change the whole look of your vehicle by adding custom wheels and tires. From aggressively sporty to upscale sophisticated, your vehicle can make the right statement, and have increased performance on the road when you find the right fit.

Gears and Lockers

Whether you’re looking to step up your game on the track, the rocks, or the farm, upgraded gears and lockers can give you the added traction you need. The experts at Master Muffler can help you to decide which equipment options will work best for you so you can get the best performance from your vehicle.