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Our West Valley car repair team has heard it all when it comes to common myths about cars. Manual transmissions always get better mileage, electric cars are too slow, and pumping gas in the morning gets you more fuel for your money. Let’s debunk 8 common car myths all of us have probably heard.

Fact or Fiction?

Whether you’re a new driver or have been around the block a few times there may be some myths about cars you still believe. The Master Muffler car repair experts differentiate between fact and fiction below.

Used Cars are Unreliable

If you do your research, you can end up with a great, used vehicle. Not only will you save money compared to buying new, but you’ll have less depreciation in the value of the vehicle over time. It’s easier than ever to get verified vehicle history using a vehicle identification number (VIN) so you know what your used car has been through. Here are some other benefits of buying a used car versus a new one:

  • Costs less to insure
  • Reduced loan rates on certified, pre-owned vehicles
  • Makes luxury cars more financially accessible
  • Lower registration fees
  • Less environmental impact

See what potential car repair you might be facing by having a mechanic take a look at the used car you hope to purchase.

The Car Won’t Get “That Hot”

Many drivers think they can run a quick errand and leave the kids or pets in the car. They believe it won’t get hot enough in a few minutes’ time to be harmful to the occupants left behind. This myth definitely needs to be busted because a vehicle can heat up an additional 20 degrees in just ten minutes. A vehicle’s windows create a greenhouse effect inside; the temperature rapidly climbs even when windows are rolled down a couple of inches. The act of leaving a window cracked may reduce inside temperatures by 2 degrees, but that doesn’t mean much when the car’s interior has already reached 80 degrees or higher. Leaving kids or pets in a hot car is never worth the risk, even if you’ll only be a few minutes. 

Electric Vehicles Aren’t Good for Road Trips

Some drivers don’t trust that an electric vehicle (EV) has enough range for long trips. The truth is that many are capable of traveling over 200 miles on a single charge. As electric vehicles become more mainstream, charging stations are also becoming more popular. You don’t have to rely solely on your home base for charging, since there are apps you can download to help you map out your trip to find charging stations along the way. With 20,000 charging stations across the United States, you can find them at hotels, in public parking garages, and in retail parking lots. Some stations are free, while others charge a small fee. When planning your road trip. Look for Level 3 charging stations that are capable of getting your battery to 80% power in under an hour. 

You Need to “Warm Up” Your Engine Before Driving

Many of us were probably told by our parents that we needed to warm the car up on cold days before driving. While it can be helpful to warm the engine so your defroster is effective, it’s actually not a great practice. It wastes gas, makes your car susceptible to theft (if left unattended), and puts additional wear on your engine. A better practice is to have good winter gear to keep you warm when you climb into your cold vehicle and invest in a good ice scraper to clear your windows without the aid of the defroster.

If your car is taking a long time to heat up, our team can offer West Valley car repair to make your car run more efficiently so your cabin is comfortable in no time. Keep in mind diesel engines take longer to heat up than gasoline engines and dress appropriately to stay warm behind the wheel.

Cell Phones Cause Explosions at Gas Pumps

When cellphones became common, we were all told to avoid using them while pumping gas. The truth is, no correlation between cell phone use and gas pump explosions exists. There is no documentation that a fire at a gas station has even been directly linked to cell phone usage at the pump. It’s believed this urban legend comes from links to static electricity and fuel pump fires. It’s true that vapors from pumping gas can ignite, but it’s more likely to happen from a spark and not a cell phone signal.

Premium Gas = Premium Performance

The better the fuel, the better the vehicle’s performance, right? Wrong! If your car is not designed for higher octane fuel, using it will not make your car drive better. The wrong octane could actually reduce fuel economy and lead to poorer performance in your vehicle.

Red Cars Are More Expensive to Insure

A vehicle’s value and a driver’s record affect insurance premiums more than the color of the vehicle. Here are some other factors that may affect how much it costs to insure your car:

  • Vehicle make and model
  • How many miles you plan to drive
  • Place of residence
  • Age
  • Marital status
  • Gender

Bigger Cars are Safer in Crashes

Some drivers like bigger trucks and SUVs because it gives them a sense of security. It’s a myth that a larger vehicle will always be safer in a crash, since larger vehicles may be more likely to tip. It’s true that if your vehicle stays on all four wheels you may come out less injured than if you were in a smaller vehicle, but the likelihood that you’ll roll is higher in a truck or SUV.

It’s no myth that the West Valley car repair team at Master Muffler is here to help. Give us a call for your auto needs today.

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