mechanic checking car's catalytic converter

Your car’s catalytic converter is crucial for keeping the air in your area clean, converting pollutants into safer gases so you can breathe easy. Once it reaches the end of its life or becomes damaged, clogged, or contaminated, it can no longer play its part in promoting the health of the planet. Take your car into a trusted local auto shop to check on your catalytic converter if:

You See… Dark Smoke Coming from Your Exhaust

If the smoke escaping your exhaust is darker than usual, it may mean that your catalytic converter is no longer converting your engine’s fumes. Instead, it is likely failing, causing your engine to burn more oil than it should, resulting in the release of black puffs of smoke whenever you speed up or slow down. 

You Hear… A Rattling Sound Under Your Car

A rattling sound coming from under your vehicle could be the result of the mesh inside your catalytic converter deteriorating. If this is the case, the rattle should be more noticeable when you first turn over your engine. This can happen due to age or certain mixtures of fuel and is a sign of serious damage. 

You Feel… The Pain of Poorer Performance

If you find yourself visiting the fuel pump more often, your catalytic converter may be going bad. This is one of the first signs that you should visit your local catalytic converter experts, along with decreased acceleration and reduced power. If you catch these signs early enough, you may even be able to save your current device from the junk heap and save yourself money.

You Smell… A Scent Similar to Rotten Eggs

If you smell rotten eggs and have determined there are, in fact, none in your car, your catalytic converter may be failing you. During your car’s combustion process, sulfur becomes stinky hydrogen sulfide. After that, your converter should turn it into an odorless gas called sulfur dioxide, and if it’s not doing its job, the stinky stuff will be escaping out of your exhaust instead.

You Taste… The Bitter Defeat of Failed Emissions

While emissions requirements vary by state, it is important to keep up on your testing, especially if you reside in an already-smoggy place like Salt Lake City. If your head is hanging low or you are scratching it because your car didn’t pass, your catalytic converter may be to blame. Head over to your local auto shop for a replacement, and you will be back in business in no time and more sustainable than ever.

Though it is worth the cost, replacing your catalytic converter can be pricey. To prolong the life of yours for as long as possible, don’t hesitate to hand your car over to a local technician for a check-up as soon as you notice any of these signs. If it does need to be replaced, take care of your new one by visiting your trusted auto shop regularly, so it will take care of you and your local air quality as long as possible!

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