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When it comes to keeping you, your passengers, pedestrians, and others out on the road safe, your braking system is perhaps the most crucial component of your car. Taking proper care of it will not only prevent unnecessary danger but also prolong the life of other parts and enhance your performance.

To maintain your best braking capacity, follow these five practices:

Replace Your Brake Pads Regularly

Worn-out brake pads can pose serious problems to your braking system, so make sure to get them checked annually and replaced when necessary. The lifespan of a brake pad is typically between 20,000 and 40,000 miles but can vary based on quality and braking habits. While timely replacement will minimize wear and tear on your rotors, waiting until your brakes start to squeal may mean damage is already at your door.

Frequently Flush Your Brake Fluid 

When you push in your brake pedal, fluid is forced through the lines of your braking system. Its components then expand against your wheels, bringing your vehicle to a stop. This fluid attracts water over time, so it is important to change it out at regular intervals to prevent corrosion, maintain maximum performance, and stay safe out on the road. This timeframe can be affected by heat, humidity, and habits, so trust a certified technician to tell you when it is time for a flush.

Take Your Brakes to a Technician 

Brake checks are a crucial, yet widely neglected, aspect of auto care. A thorough inspection of your brakes by a trained technician will allow you to address any wear, leaks, or damage before they become dangerous. To benefit from superior brake service and repairs in Utah, as well as extend the life of your brakes, make a stop at Master Muffler Ogden for a free brake assessment.

Avoid Unnecessary & Abrupt Braking

Braking harshly or more often than necessary can stress your system and ultimately, put strain on your wallet. To prevent unnecessary wear and tear, maintain a safe distance between your vehicle and the one in front of you. That way, you’ll have adequate time and space to coast to a stop and to avoid tapping on your brakes.

Watch Out For Warning Signs

Keep your senses alert for anything unusual, including your brake feel and behavior. Squeaking and other strange sounds signal that something needs a repair or replacement as soon as possible. As long as you heed these warning signs by getting your braking system serviced promptly, a specialist should be able to restore your brakes to their former function without breaking the bank.

“The braking system is one that requires routine maintenance in order to ensure proper function. As the most important safety feature in your car, there is a lot riding on your brakes which is why we take them seriously. We provide superior service as well as valuable insights to car owners so they can stay safe on the road. If you suspect you may have an issue with your brakes, bring your car into Master Muffler Ogden for an inspection today.”

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